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BBC DS4 Ataxia South Wales

This is a fairly long post, so much has been happening.

I was invited to DS4 To attend the handover of the archive of the BBC Capture Wales Digital stories, to the National Library of Wales
The event was also featured by BBC News

Photos at Flickr

It was a fantastic time, I was put up in a hotel in Aberystwyth it was PERFECT, large room, on ground floor, wet room (of excellent standard) . Meals, at the hotel were very good. The service was “outstanding”

We booked in early, hen went to go for a trip on the famous “Cliff Railway” (this is our second trip, on this railway), the views, of the area, are awesome. The disabled access, is catered for, ramp to bottom platform, step into LARGE carriage. Top station has a stairlift, (or steps, BEWARE some hand rails seem to be very rusty and loose !!!) from station there is a fairly steep, concrete path up to the viewing area and café and other attractions.

Return to the hotel, for evening meal, which, as I said was EXCELLENT, (Home made food).
I was a bit worried about the hotel being built so close to a main road and roundabout, the Noise was NOT even noticeable, so no problem.

After breakfast, we went to Aberystwyth Uni, Arts Centre, for the DS4 event. (been here before, aswell)
Met a lot of people we know, got information about the day.
Some of the day was spent in the main theatre, being shown presentations, of different organisations, involeved with Digital Stories.
Breakout sessions, where also held, in varios rooms around the immediate area, one of which used my Digital story “Stepping Stone” which was made for the E-inclusion event in Vienna, Austria (photos at flickr )
My Digital Story,, was one of three, being shown on the BIG screen !! (very emotional, to see it being shown, in such a large event)
Big moment when the three, contributors, where on stage to answer Questions, on our Digital Stories.

The day, ended with some sad farewells, but we are all in touch by various computer related means, via a new network (

Ok back down, to earth !!! (sort of ??)
Packing our stuff, in the house ready for the builders to start work, on MASSIVE remedial work, concerning the Disabilities Grant.

Been attending many meetings, at Coleshill in Llanelli , which concerns the redevelopment of part of the building, the closed down former resdesedential area.

As well as going out on my tricycle, during this good weather (reminds me of Gambia weather) talking of Gambia, our guide Lamin and his wife have had a baby boy, named it Alan WOO WOO ,
I keep thinking, a bout all the school children, at school, having Gambian names, and one is called Alan !!.

I have put my name forward for joining the Trustees of Ataxia UK . which the campaign, has just (June) Finished.

Ataxia South Wales, held their AGM, last Sunday ( 28th June) where I was made chairman, WOO HOO WOO HOO, its a lot of headaches, but a very worthwhile role, Ataxia Awareness in Wales, (and UK) will happen, I have been using many of my “contacts” to enable this to happen.

I went for my yearly Neuro. Appointment yesterday, told a few interesting things…………..Apparently, there is a department in a Cardiff hospital, dealing with Neurological Disorders, within this department, a doctor has a surgery, for Ataxia Disorders ??
Think this is related
This will need further investigation, but if this is so, it seems a pity that we in Wales, have to travel to London or Sheffield to talk to a specialist Dr from an Ataxia Specialist Clinic.

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