Friday, June 30, 2006


Woohoo its Friday

Friday--signals, a weekend of my partner having ME say to her "I WANT TO GO THERE HERE AND EVERYWHERE" , in my "wheelie"


I want to go all places and to see how they are, really accessible, and if not up to scatch tell the people in charge............

Today I went to the Social Centre (School, as we call it) my CLAIT exam (spreadsheets has got one "minor" correcction (which can be done next week)
I wasnt too bothered about doing it today as it was nearly the end of the lesson.
I have just lost out on a couple of active manual wheelchairs (on ebay) I have a main (LOMAX 2active, in Silver) but want one to act as a second chair I can use abroad and for general outdoors "hard work) the LOMAX is too "nice" for that sort of thing. Alan

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Confused ????

Today, in the post, I recieved an application form from Leonard Cheshire for Workability.
It says I need a referance from "Employment/Job Search Agency" I have never been to one of these !! Since becoming ill (and giving up my job) I have never given work another thought (and any advice given to me has been that I CANNOT undertake employment because of my illness and its deteriation).
Been out in the garden doing "greenfingered" things
I have been out on my tricycle for an hour today, as the sun has got its hat on.
This might be of interest to you,
Cardiff UWIC are having a Wheelchiar Sports (where people can try out this activity) 14th &15th July 2006 more information contact

Tuesday, June 27, 2006




I know, I know, the links dont work (or any photos).

Dont think I will get time to go out on my tricyle, today.

I will be in the Local paper (Carmarthen Journal) following on from my complaint to Mcdonalds about wheelchair access at that site.

Once a week I attend Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli. For disabled people . I am studying CLAIT PLUS for the computer (just done the exam for module 2 (spreadsheets)

Lets try again,

I try and get out to the cinema as often as I can , been here quite a few times, went on Saturday to see "Over the Hedge"

Dont forget to visit

Monday, June 26, 2006



Alan Thomas ROYGBIV
Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire, WALES
40 years old (going through mid life crisis)
I have Cerebellar ATAXIA (degenerative neurological disorder)
I ride my "mission" tricycle as often as I can, to keep as mobile as possible.
At the moment I am going from using a stick to walk (in a fairly striaght line) to using a (manual,active) wheelchair my "LOAMIE"
I regulary post to Messageboards on the web

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