Friday, March 27, 2009


Adventure - POLICE - Scary Clown

Did you do anything for Comic Relief ??
I donated, a few times, to the Red Nose Radio1, climb
Plus had my face painted, at Coleshill Social Centre.

An uneventful, weekend, but on the Monday
Travelled up to Chesterfield, to visit friends, (while I, was there, a few of us ATAXIANS where going to meet up).

Train journey, (5 hours, 3 changes) was tiring, but exciting when arrived at Chesterfield, station. They wasn’t a guard available, to deploy the ramp, so the door shut, on me, and the train pulled away !!. The guard then appeared, and was very apologetic and informed me that I could get off at Sheffield and return to Chesterfield within a few minutes, this was very exciting, and added half an hour to the journey plus an extra station change).

Tuesday, was spent catching up on gossip, meeting friends from my earlier visit. In the late afternoon, we went for a meal at the Woodend, Carvery in????? on the way we stopped at a old mansion/castle, with elaborate stonework.
(plus a chance, to practice my balancing skills!!)
(along the way, we had to slow for some road works, I looked to my left, and notice a NAKED woman walking, across, her bedroom, in front of the large balcony, window of this bungalow!!)

Wednesday, Dave and I, went to Chesterfield, sightseeing.
We hired two mobility scooters, from the shopmobility, in Chesterfield.
On the way into town, Dave pointed out the “Police Station”

Unbeknown, this WAS, going to be TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got our scooters and made our way, to see the CROOKED SPIRE of Chesterfield.
The town centre, is made of cobbles, and so my wallet, fell out of my pocket (without me knowing) until I went to look for it at the tourist information centre.
I retraced, my path, back to the car park, only to have my mobile phone RING- it was the POLICE !!! some kind person, had found my wallet and handed it in at the POLICE station.

I am very THANKFUL, to this person, THANK YOU.

We had quick look around the Crooked Spire, before setting off, to the POLICE station, to reclaim my wallet.
I must say it was very nice to find it all intact, with the contents untouched (credit card, train tickets, CASH and RADAR key)
After all this excitement, we returned the scooters and went back to the house, for a rest, before the evening meal, and more Conversation.
Thursday, travel home (first leg of the journey, is on Midland Train service, and the wheelchair space, is in the First Class, carriage (the service, on train routes does vary, I find that Arriva Trains Wales, service, to be the lowest standard, with Great Western and Midland, train services, to be very good. (with assistance prebooked, you would think, this “assistance” would be already, in place)

Friday, rest day, at Coleshill.
Saturday 21-3-09,
Carmarthen, to book more train tickets
Return to Swansea (for Equality seminar, Liberty Stadium on Tuesday) plus return to Leicester (for two of us, later next month)
Also, had an eye test, will pick-up some new reading glasses, as soon as they are ready.

This morning, I went to to go swimming, have a spell in the Jacuzzi and then in the sauna.

Living with Ataxia
Community Network, Website
Created by Ben Munoz
Has been voted Website of the Month, in USA
Read it here

Tuesday 24-3-09, I attended a Conference, at Liberty Stadium, Swansea
The theme was EQUALITY
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Statistics for Wales
Welsh Assembly Government
A very interesting meeting, with plenty of information, available, as well as good “Networking” possibilities.
The catering was excellent (as it always is, with government events).
The venue is very good, form an accessibility and transport (train station 1 mile, motorway 1 mile approx)

Wednesday. Went swimming again, at

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


More Travel Investigations and Memory Upgrades

Between showers, of heavy rain and wind.
I have managed to go out on my trike.

When inside, and on the computer, I have been investigating travel as I am going to Sheffield, next week, to meet some new friends (as well as looking at some of Sheffields attractions, with the co-operation of Dave and Glenys of Chesterfield).

On Sunday, a trip to the travel agent, to book a trip to Salou, in South of Spain, this is for May.
Trying to plan a trip to Barcelona, wile we are there, this I am hoping will involve a train journey on the very good Spanish train system

Plus we looked into a trip during October, where?, is the next dilemma !!!
Tenerife or Lanzarote seem to be the “HOT” favourites.

Also upgraded the RAM, in my computer, a very simple task, to increase the speed, of the PC. Mind you with “shaky” hands it was a “high concentration” TASK.

Don’t forget, COMIC RELIEF, on Friday
Have a look at

Monday 9-3-09, we had SWALEC, come an install a new electric meter, as we needed to change to one of these newer “Key Credit” meters, before we bought card tokens at the local post office, but the cards are not available, since the restructuring of the POST OFFICE.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Traveling Chocolate Adventures

Sorry, for NOT keeping this BLOG,- up to speed-
Busy, looking for that CANDLE!!!

Ataxia South Wales, had a meeting , in Llansamlet, Swansea. A lot of people attended, with a fair few new members.
Fundraising ways and social meetings were topics (a day out Bowling and a meal, seemed popular).

On Friday 20-2-09, Dawn took me to Coleshill as I forgot to ring the bus driver, to ask him to pick me up !.
Didn’t stay to long, and we went to the Beefeater in Pemberton, Llanelli, for lunch.

I managed to go out on my tricycle, as the weather has been quite good.

Wednesday 25-2-09 I attended a morning meeting of the Green Dragon Bus (to discuss the Connect service), this was held in Caffi Becca, Efailwen.
I then went to Carmarthen to book train tickets, to Sheffield. Going uo to meet some Ataxian friends.
While, in Carmarthen, I went to Kwik-Fit, to check out a tyre on the car, it had a large thorn embedded in the tread, result a NEW tyre.
A good thing I had it changed, before our journey, this weekend.

Thursday night, was spent at Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. Attending the show by “Karen Darke” plus I managed to get my photo taken with her . My first wheelchair (Loamie) was bought from Karen

Coleshill, on Friday,
Speech Therapist came to see me and arrange some meetings, over the next few weeks.
Saturday 28-2-09, travel to NEC, Birmingham for an Event
We (Dawn, Jason and I) made some good investigations, into travel to many countries and made a few friends .

We spent the night in a Travelodge in Frankley, Birmingham, (review on as soon as I can) as we had booked tickets to Cadbury World for Sunday 1-3-09.
Yes, it was a CHOCOLATE “overload” for all of us, with plenty of fun.
A FANTASTIC day out, with some FREEBIES and tasters.
The tour takes approx 3 hours, and the place is very busy but very interesting. Its worth booking tickets well in advance, of you visit
Wheelchairs have excellent access every where, with one cart, on Cadabra suited to wheelchairs

During the last few days, my Digital Story, made FOR THE E-Inclusion Event in Vienna, Austria has been sent to me, see it at

And don’t forget Living with Ataxia is a network of Ataxians sharing their views and experiences

Take a look at A very good friend, of mine

(there might be a multi-ended candle, in the Ocean???)

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