Friday, August 12, 2011


Time Flies in Adventure Land (Dont Stop Me Now)

Where do I start ?? TIME has gone so FAST !!

Attendance at SENEDD for Welsh Assembly Rare Disease Day Reception

Directly from Cardiff I went to the train station to meet Dawn and start our travel to Heathrow Airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles to attend the National Ataxia Foundation conference
A fantastic time, meeting friends I have only meet “online”, making new friends, meeting Ataxia researchers, plus general NETWORKING. Photos at

After the conference we flew to San Fransico for a few days and then flew to New York (upgraded to Business class!)

On our return we went to see Sarah Outen at the start of her challenge
I then caught a train to Sheffield Ataxia Support Group meeting and from there went on to Birmingham to the NAIDEX (Disability Exhibition
(here I bought a Trabasack an EXCELLENT item to allow much independency for many people including wheelchair users.

Following this the Treasurer (from Ataxia South Wales) and I went to Leicester to go to the Ataxia UK branch officers conference.

A week later I had a phone call, with some DEVASTATING news.
The chairman of Sheffield Ataxia Support group –David Greggory (26) had passed away, he will be sadly missed. RIP

A few days later we went to Fishgaurd to see Lee Morris start the Welsh phase of his “No-Limitz” round UK cycle. Lee on his recumbent tricycle went to Tenby via St.Davids and then on the second day on to Cardiff.

Later that week I travelled to London to the RaceOnline 2012 and attended and was able to meet Stacey Solomon (X-Factor)

As soon as this was over I returned home and then went back to London for an Ataxia UK board meeting, then up to Sheffield (Hallamshire University) fo an Ataxia study day.
I had to return to Sheffield for my check up at the Ataxia clinic in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

All this, as well as attending meetings in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire at many disability events as well as negotiating the sponsorship of printing a new Ataxia South Wales A5 flyer, this printing was done by a Milford Haven printer MANY THANKS TO Tom and Staff at Megaprinter.

At the beginning of July we went to Cardiff – I was asked to join a crew of a Dinghy at Cardiff White Water Center A GREAT ADVENTURE, plus it was a very HOT day and it was nice to get in the water.

At the end of July is an event we have attended over the last few years. As we have family living nearby, it is a good chance for us all to spend the day together.

This week I travelled to Reading to meet up with a fellow Ataxia UK and the following day I went to London, to travel on the bus, underground and Docklands Light Railway, to see how travellers with mobility issues can travel on transport in London this was for Hopefully this information will help travel for disabled citizens.

I was a bit wary of travelling in London with all the RIOTs happening, but all was fine plus there was a definite POLICE presence.
This weekend we have the Ataxia South Wales meeting in Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli.

All Adventures can be seen on

Alan -You are in with the chance of carrying the Olympic Flame!

congrats from lots of people including Sarah Outen


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