Monday, February 16, 2009



Sunday, it started snowing !!! –HEAVILY-
Monday morning, it was WHITE, with snow !!!
It was looking like, a week of being STRANDED and a few days, by the fire !!

Meetings where CANCELLED.
Travelling, to Cardiff, Wednesday, for Expo09, was NOT HAPPENING !!.
Green Dragon Bus meeting was postponed.

More snow fell, during the week.
Dawn, Jason and I, made a HUGE, SNOWMAN
Sunday, I was paying the price, of doing too much !!!! Tired and aching, I had to return to bed, for some rest.
We risked, taking the car out, to take Jason home, to our shock, it was only the roads, within half a mile, of our house, that seemed, to be VERY BADLY, affected.
(no wonder people look at us as though we are lying, most of the roads, away from Cefnbrafle, are fairly clear !!.

Ice and cold wind, made me worry about train travel to Sheffield, on Monday !!!!!!!!!!!!
So my ADVENTURE, was happening !!
Dawn took me to Elaines, new venture “Cafi Sancler”.
I had a cup of tea, while waiting for the bus, to Carmarthen.
Then caught the train to Chesterfield, changing at Cardiff and Bristol Parkway.

Was met in Chesterfield by Glenys and Dave (my very good friends). We met in the Ataxia UK Conference 2008 in Stansted.
We went to a Toby Carvery, for a meal, before going back to their house.

Next morning, I was to attend a conference, in Sheffield, at the (DCSF) Department for Children, Schools and Families.
This was attended by some very well “to do” officials, from Government departments.
(WHY WAS I THE ONLY PERSON, FROM WALES ?, was a question, that was aired, a few times, with a bewildered and concerned “atmosphere” from the other “Delegates”).
A very interesting day, with a lot of thought going on (in my head !!).

Return to my accommodation, in Chesterfield, for a meal and conversation/banter, between Dave, Glenys and I.
Plus I was trying to make plans, to meet someone in Sheffield, the next day, but to extend, my train ticket, would be an extra £30, the whole return ticket was only £40, in the first place !!, so it was back home for me, on Wednesday.
I have been told that Lorna has a relative entered in the London Marathon, raising funds towards Ataxia UK.
Look at his sponsorship, page, at
Before returning home, I met another friend Connie (3), she was very happy, and we all enjoyed, playing with some educational, JIGSAWS.

10.30am, it was time, to go, to Chesterfield railway station, for my return journey.
Very Emotional, farewells, on Both sides, but we keep in touch via MSN and telephone.

Train journey was good, changes at Bristol Parkway and Cardiff Central.
When we got to Burry Port/Pembrey (Carmarthenshire) the train was delayed, at the station, while POLICE, were called to an incident of a man locked in the toilet- lashing out banging on the walls- leading to BLOOD everywhere, on him and the train.

I got the bus, from Carmarthen to St Clears, and Dawn picked me up.
Next day, it took me all day to go through, the emails, I had received, while away !!!.

Friday, didn’t go to Coleshill I was exhausted (and had “manflu”) plus it was very FOGGY, and it wasn’t that fair or SAFE, for the bus, to come and fetch me.
Saturday, we picked Jason up and Dawn, Jason and I went for breakfast at Cafi Sancler. This we did, to surprise Elaine.

This Wednesday,
Ataxia South Wales, will have a meeting/get together, at 7.30 pm in the Dylan Thomas 2 for 1 restaurant, Llansamet, Swansea.

Ataxia UK, conference 2009,
Manchester Radisson
(Saturday) October 3rd

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Cinema - SNOW SNOW SNOW and rowing the Indian Ocean (not me!)

Been to the Gym
Been out on my tricycle
Been chasing up emails and Chatting on MSN.

Managed to visit the cinema in Cardigan a few times
Seen Bunch of Amateurs
The Secret Life of Bees

Booked train tickets to Cardiff

But, looks like I wont be going – SNOW
Photos of the SNOW can be seen at

Today we had a fair bit of SNOW, travel is impossible – roads closed, train network in chaos ???

(Odd how this country, comes to a standstill, when others seem to cope with snow, every day???)

A good friend of mine, is starting a gruelling challenge, Rowing Across the Indian Ocean
Have a look at her website and follow her progress, on the voyage.

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