Monday, March 22, 2010


B.A.W. CATCH UP, time ??

Not much, to report.

Went to Cinema, on Saturday 13th, saw Alice in Wonderland
Not VERY good (should of taken more notice, of the reviews saying “how bad” the film is).
Monday, I attended Cardiff Neuroscience Open Day (Invite and ticket only)
A West Wales Neurological, meeting in Haverfordwest, on Thursday
Carmarthen Disability Coalition, meeting on Friday
Plan and book some more train journey`s, with the odd short flight added for a change !!!
Row the Atlantic, boys Tom and Richie completed their adventure on Wednesday 17th
This Friday, off to Ideal home expo on my way to an AUK board meeting, on Saturday.
Been using the scanner alot the last few days, got to compile a “powerpoint” presentation, for an AUK mini-conference.
Woo Hoo Woo Hoo picking up a new mobility Volkswagon Touran, next Monday.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Candle, Candle, Multi ended Candle

A fairly, long time, since, the last entry ! time just seems to whizz by.
(they say “once you leave school, time just flies past” well thats TRUE).

Jason and I went to the cinema, in Cardiff. To get to see 2 films that coincided with the, return, trains, we booked Alvin and the chipmonks (very predictable)
And Avatar 3D (very very good, and the main actor, uses a wheelchair)
Friday 19th
I was at a Pain Management for Chronic Illnesses at Swansea University. I was taking part in the Q&A presentation, with another person and prof. Baroness Llora Finlay.
On the weekend Dawn and I went to the Holiday Inn, Bristol Parkway, to meet up with other Ataxians. It was FANTASTIC, to catch up and CHAT, face to face, rather than on-line.
Dawn and I went to Cribbs Causeway, shopping (a good place, to spend the day) we also took advantage of the hotels swimming pool.
On the evening of Tuesday 23rd, I attended the Wales Neurological Alliance Cross Party event in Ty Hywel, National Assembly, Cardiff. A very good Networking evening, for Ataxia South Wales. Again, on Wednesday, evening, I was back at the SENEDD, in Cardiff, to attend the Rare Disease Day, along with AMs, and other members of WNA.
Rare Disease Day falls on 28th February.

Tuesday 2nd March, I went up to London, as an invitee of Martha Lane Fox (Governments Digital Inclusion champion).
A team, of us, gathered in her London office, for lunch and small presentation, we then all went to the house of commons, to meet MPs, and aire our experiences, with Digital Inclusion. It was then time for “letting our hair down” (not easy, in my case !) we all went to Lucky Voice Kareoke bar
Next day, I took a bus, across London (NOT RECOMMENDED, without meticulous, previous, planning !!), to Ataxia UK, Offices, for a brief, impromptu, visit.
Thursday 4th, Disability Wales, rang me , to ask if I would be willing to be interviewed for BBC Wales, on the new announcement on Wheelchair Services, in Wales.
The broadcast went out that evening on Radio Wales at 4.50 pm.
The Destinations and Travel show was on the agenda, for Saturday
Result = just one or two places to add to the “where to go?” list
On the way back, we called, for coffee in Hereford and met up with good friends Tim + Alice.
We then carried on towards home, we called in with Melanie and James, and Kira. Kira is the new addition to the family. My great niece.
This week, planning some attendance at meetings
Sorting out train travel and booking some accommodation for some, meetings that require an overnight stay, due to distances.

Dont forget to keep supporting two boys are rowing across the Atlantic. Checkout their blog
Also checkout
Marilena is walking across the Atacama Desert in Chile, to raise funds for Friedreich's Ataxia (FA).

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