Thursday, May 31, 2007


Another OFF the List !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, I DROVE to Crymych Leisure Centre, to practice my driving and to have a look, at the pool, before, my lesson on Monday.
I met the instuctor, had a look around, before driving home.

Also sent off an application form, for a disabled persons railcard.
Hope it gets back before I need it to go to Swindon and my trip to Southhampton.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007



Went to Haverfordwest, tonight, Tuesday. To see if LIDL still had some wet--suits in stock.

You can see, they did here it is at home

all I need, now, is some water !!!!!!!!



All this, computer work, is showing it self, on my trouser waistband!!!!!.
Plus the garden, is showing, some sort of neglect.

I have, a lot to think about, some things to “investigate” some to “arrange” (some things to “ponder”)
Re-Start driving (I can drive, but haven’t for a year or two)
Take swimming lessons (I can swim, but haven’t been for thirty years!! It will help with my Co-ordination (ATAXIA) and it will be usefull in my water activities !!

Where to go Canoeing / Kayaking (for beginners, lakes, quiet rivers)

Sailing (via instructor, Towy Boat Club)
Looking for “wet-suit” and “Life Jacket” “Neoprene shoes (So I can, at least, “look the part”
(have been to a few “outdoor pursuit” shops, there is so much stuff, to decide, on

Planning, Transport/routes for
Visiting the Motability Roadshow, Cirencester (hopeing to travel down by train and meet up with a friend from Coleshill)

Meeting Geoff Holt in Fishgaurd Harbour and then in
Hamble, Southhampton. (I had an email from Geoff`s brother, to send his BEST), When he completes, his round GB trip.
At first glance, at the timetables, it looks like Cardiff-Newport-Bristol, Swindon, (then Kemble) Southampton, Hamble. Changes in between (connection “waits”)

Holidays, now and future (South African Expedition). (not a “package Holiday” a overland adventure, Dragoman, Epic-Travel, expedition)

Today,Tuesday, I have had phone calls from Crymych Leisure Centre, to tell me about the amenities there, and to have 1 to 1 tuition, starting next week, and then see if I need more tution or join the regular class ?????

And call from a Physiotherapist, who is coming to visit me, at home, as they have had a “referral” from a physiotherapist via Colshill.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Days OUT------

SPIDERMAN 3, was, seen on Wednesday (evening), took Jason, as it was one of the last showings, the viewing was only seen by 5 people !! (an unusual sight, in Theatr Mwldan).
Andy Kirkpatrick will be in Theatr Mwldan, later in the year, I went to his show, in February, “PSYCHOVERTICTAL-Tall Tales from the Edge”, so this is a must see.

On Friday, I went to Coleshill (as per usual). Newer computers are in the process of being delivered !!!
The Coleshill Fete, was CANCELLED.

As you know, I went to “The Rhondda Heritage Park”, Rhondda Cynon Taf. It was the launch of the WEA, Adult Learners Week (Launched by Radio Wales`s Roy Noble).

My (computer) certificates, were on display, as was my Digital Story. I spoke to BBC Capture Wales, to clarify, the “legal” position, on this, and to pass on their “congratulations” on my achievement.

I was told that, a nomination (for me) “might” be forth coming, for 2008.

While we were there, we went on a guided tour, including a “under ground tour”. A good place to visit, (and a fairly BUSY attraction) It has its own website
Plus I will write about it in detail on

On the journey home, we stopped in McArthur Glen, Shopping Outlet, Bridgend, for some shopping and for some food.

A first, visit, to Towy Boat Club, was Sunday morning. To see, the facilities, and what is on offer, for disabled sailors. A small “Tri-maran” (single seat) sailing yacht is used for this purpose, with a experienced trainer. The same Tri-maran is used by Geoff Holt, on his “round GB expedition”

The afternoon, was used up, going around the coastal beaches, of Newport (Pembs.) to Fishgaurd, to see the access, possibilities.
As Geoff will be coming, into Fishgaurd, on his “Trip”, I WILL (HOPEFULLY) be going to.
The Train goes to Fishgaurd Harbour, so a (short 1 mile) Taxi trip to the slipway (Goodwick), will be the transport.

My RGK (wheelchair) arrived, by parcel, on Monday. A good “wash and polish” previous owner must have had pets, been a smoker, had an open fire (for heating) it STANK of fire and smoke.

The weather is a bit, cloudy (and the breeze, is a bit “chilly”) so my TRICYCLE has been “rested” for a day or two.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WANTED---Twin ended Candle !!!!!!

I have, just been delivered (another) wheelchair, RGK Lightwieght, green frame, Black upholstery. It is going through the wash and polish, stage. (previous owner must have pets and been a smoker) the dust, hair and smoke smell, is unbeliveable.

Major Blog in the pipe line, later

Friday, May 18, 2007




(19th May)


Wednesday, May 16, 2007



More, for us to think about, (me to “stress” about, the complications!!)

I, think, the “Aqua or taking to the water” craze, has started to take hold of us !!

Dawn, has bought a inflatable KAYAK/CANOE “Dragonfly” (waiting for it to arrive)
We had to, rush to a shop, last night, for Dawn to buy a wet-suit.

We are hoping to go “white water rafting” later in the year.

I have made contact, with TOWY BOAT CLUB. (have been told by the club, that the website, had been “HACKED” and some aspects are not fully working!!) To visit, and see whats available. And maybe become a member ??

I saw this item on BBC Breakfast TV, the other morning. Going to keep track, by his website and, go to see his arrival in Fishgaurd.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Back to being busy

The holiday, to Tunisia, is back on. Although, we will have to travel to Gatwick !!
We didn’t have much choice, we could cancel, and choose a similar holiday, which, for over xmas would cost upwards of £1500 per person.
Any transfer, from any other airport, was not possible
Cancel, totally, and lose the deposit.
So now we have to book a “Travelodge” for the night of our return.
A quick look at the airport parking is £80-150 per week, Cardiff airport is only £20 per week ??.
And Melanie has decide to “not go”.

Sunday, was Elaine birthday. We went for lunch at Savoy Country House, StClears.

Before that, we called in at “the Plant and Craft” fair in StClears. It is held in Ysgol Gruffydd Jones, where I went to school. I haven’t been there, since leaving, in 1983, the hall and stage seemed SO SMALL.

I have had some ATAXIA UK, collection tins and general leaflets, to use around the area, just need to make stickers, for the South Wales branch.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


STRESS and Busy

We have been informed, by Thomson, that flights, from Cardiff to Tunisia (for our holiday) have been cancelled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was in County Hall, Chambers, Carmarthen, to be an "observer" at a council meeting.

Monday, May 07, 2007



Its, been, a busy time!! When it is SO nice, outside, I DO NOT want to be inside, in front of the computer !! (that`s what, the very old Laptop, is for, (but the wireless, connection, has been put on “the back burner” for the time being, any way I am TOO busy too set it up!!

Since, the last entry,

Been, to the Dentist,
Been, to the village, to get the paper, (on my power chair) numerous times!!
Met lots of locals, to speak to!!
Been, out on my tricycle, every day, up to 5 or 6 miles per day.

And trying to plan, a trip to the Motability Roadshow, Getting there, by train, and meeting up with a friend, from Coleshill.
I even, attempted (and completed) to mow the lawn, the mower, is SELF PROPELLED, and does go a bit fast, so the site of me doing this is “very odd, looking”????

Ataxia South Wales, held a meeting, in Coleshill, Llanelli. Some “new faces” were there.
General discussions, and a “natter”, took place.

I have arranged to attend some events, view, some, MORE, (holiday) accommodation, for my research. I have viewed 2, and need too write up my reports.

Had another, certificate, for my computer studies. One event, to attend, is the WEA Centenary Learning Family Event , in Rhondda Heritage Park, RCT, on 19th May. (Launched by Roy Noble, from Radio Wales).

Went to “Carmarthen Boat Show” made a lot of “contacts”
Dawn, is going to buy a Kayak/Canoe, (Dragonfly) to use on local lakes / rivers /around, the local coast. We inquired about WHITE WATER RAFTING, for us (and a friend), ANOTHER “ CHALLENGE”

I was also, “accosted” by Towy Boat Club, and asked my contact details. And to attend their club house, at the end of the month.

My Diary is fairly full, for the future, arranging transport to these places, is NOT easy, as I have to rely, on family to ferry me about (some thing I am not “Happy” with, but living in such a country location, has transport issue`s. (NO buses, No taxis, train station is not that close)

Hopefully, a visit, to a county council meeting, in County Hall, on Wednesday, will take place, just to see “how things work” (and meet people) (same as I went to, last month).

And next Sunday, hoping, to go to Margam Park, to watch, our neighbour (Candy) compete in a horse “endurance trial”

By the way, I have bought, another, Wheelchair, an RGK lightweight, for using abroad, as “LOAMIE”, is TOO good, to take, out of its “comfort zone”

And we have been very “environmentally green” we have been to the recycling centre, in Whitland, twice, and need to go again.

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