Monday, May 14, 2007


Back to being busy

The holiday, to Tunisia, is back on. Although, we will have to travel to Gatwick !!
We didn’t have much choice, we could cancel, and choose a similar holiday, which, for over xmas would cost upwards of £1500 per person.
Any transfer, from any other airport, was not possible
Cancel, totally, and lose the deposit.
So now we have to book a “Travelodge” for the night of our return.
A quick look at the airport parking is £80-150 per week, Cardiff airport is only £20 per week ??.
And Melanie has decide to “not go”.

Sunday, was Elaine birthday. We went for lunch at Savoy Country House, StClears.

Before that, we called in at “the Plant and Craft” fair in StClears. It is held in Ysgol Gruffydd Jones, where I went to school. I haven’t been there, since leaving, in 1983, the hall and stage seemed SO SMALL.

I have had some ATAXIA UK, collection tins and general leaflets, to use around the area, just need to make stickers, for the South Wales branch.

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