Tuesday, March 27, 2007



I have now become a RESEARCHER, for www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk

As my home is in Carmarthenshire, Wales, it seems wise to visit and review places, in Carmarthenshire.

Last night (Monday) was the South Wales Ataxia Curry Night, in VERRANDAS, Llanelli. It was very well attended (over 100), we raised a fair bit of money, for charity (Ataxia UK). The launch of the ATAXCLUSIVE 100 club, took place and the Raffle was drawn. I met a lot of new friends and contacts, Plus the food was excellent!!!!!!

The weekend was “a full schedule” as usual, but I managed to go to the cinema twice, saw the new Mr. Bean movie http://www.beansholiday.com/flash.html fairly good (but he has done better, and this is too predictable) and “NOTES on a SCANDAL” http://www.foxsearchlight.com/NOAS/ with Dame Judi Dench, a very good film (comedy with a bit of evil thrown in).

Hopefully, taking a trip on the train, to Bristol, with Jason, but we are NOT going to stay out as long as we did before. If we can find a cinema, nearby, we will go in there, or we might look around and then return.

Thursday, we go to collect our “NEW” (Motability) car, A Volkswagon TOURAN 1.6 in ShadowBlue.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Mid-week update

Busy, finding out, all about, my trip to Tunisia, over Christmas/New Year. The train system looks quite cheap, to get about, the country. Want to see a fair bit of the sights while I am there (for 2 weeks). I subscribed to “Wanderlust” (travel magazine) doing so they gave me a free gift, a Rough Guide to TUNISIA, a very good book (the Rough Guide books are very good “guides”, for any traveller)

Also trawling the net, for cheap getaways, for a few days, in Switzerland, Austria or Barcelona or anywhere really!!!!

Plus, “still” compiling a list of places to visit and places to stay (overnight) for my review of Carmarthenshire, for DHI. http://www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk/

Yesterday, the car (Ford Fusion) had its MOT and visual check, before our Motability change over, next Thursday (29th), to a Volkswagen Touran. Hopefully it is big enough to get Loamie and Stormie (wheelchairs) in at the same time, on a couple of occasions we have gone out with one chair, and “wished” we had brought the other one, so we can take both with us, in the future.

Jason (nephew) came out of hospital on Monday, the swelling has reduced considerably, he goes in to remove the stitches (21), on Thursday, I will go with him, for support.

Forgot say, on the Saturday, before the holiday, I went to the “DESTINATIONS and TRAVEL” show in the NEC, Birmingham. As they say “see the World in One Day” it was very informative, very interesting. Even met Ken Hames, from BBC Beyond Boundaries and Mission Africa. We had a brief chat, he explained that he was departing for Filming of Beyond Boundaries, in Nicaragua.

Should of said before, Malaga airport “a nightmare”
IT is very, very big, then big again and very busy
(they is construction work going on, to double the size)
On the flight over, two flights came in, and they mixed the luggage up and put them on any carrousel.
On our departure (to the UK) it was TOTAL chaos, the screens showed our flight delayed, for an hour, the plane had landed 20 minutes early !!!! told the gate of boarding, it boarded from a different gate (changed at last minute). We were allocated seats right at the rear end of the plane, as where other mobility impaired people, as the flight was only half full the airplane staff had to rearrange the seating, so we were nearer the front of the plane, where it was easier for us to access the toilets and the exits.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Hectic-busy (call it what you will)

Last week, was very, very busy.

Sorting out, and Submitting, (many) travel reviews at DHI http://www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk/

Investigating some Carmarthenshire, attractions to visit and places to stay, (and review) for DHI . This will take place over the year.

Research of my book has had to take a back seat, for the time being, I will (hopefully) have more time over the winter months.

Ataxia South Wales, has a curry evening, next Monday in Llanelli. To raise awareness and funds, we are planning many more events during 2007

I had my invitation to Alice and Tim`s wedding, (friends I have made via Virtual Ataxia) happening in October in Hereford (Alice and I were “pioneers” as we were the first members of VA, chat. Congratulations

This week, I hope everything, will get back to normal(ish).
We had a bit of snow, yesterday, (it has gone now) but it is blowing a GALE, very, very COLD.

Also, Jason (nephew, 12) has been in Morriston hospital, having a massive operation, to remove a very large growth from his cheek.
He has Neurofibramatosis, Diagnosed at birth
(the growth was intertwined with the nerves and very painful. The operation was expected to take 3 hours, but took over 7 hours, he was in the High Dependancy ward overnight. He has about 20-22 stitches running down his left cheek from his temple to underneath his jaw, inline with his ear. Any scaring will be virtually impossible to see, and facial muscles seem intact ( my worry was for muscles to his eye or mouth to suffer damage)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Back Home In the UK, its COLD

What a GREAT holiday,

Confortel (hotel) in Fuengirola was fantastic. 4-star, 180 rooms on 15 floors, excellent access for wheelchairs.

Fuengirola itself is very flat (for miles) (must be have good acess, as there are quite a few wheelchair users in the resort)
Plenty of Cafes, bars, resturants, shops all along the front and nearby streets.
transport is very good bus service every few minutes, taxi`s every where, 2 train stations (1 accessible the other not!!)

We visited the Zoo (in the town) very accessible (no steps) no caged animals (all behind thick glass) you can get up very close to them. A very big place 4 hours to go around.

Trip to Gibraltar (by coach) a good day trip (but not some to visit too often) plenty of all the tourist places, (the Cable Car, up to the ROCK, was closed due to the wind.

Fuengirola has a marina too explore, where boat trips can be booked. Plenty of fresh fish cafe`s (to spend time at)

the beaches have path`s for wheelchairs to go down to the loungers (some of these are where you can get drinks and meals brought to you by a waiter, while you sunbath)

I will submit detailed reviews here over the next few days, and at http://www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk/
(notice Board) or about us
videos at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=alanroygbiv
photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanroygbiv/
This might take a few days to complete.

Friday, March 02, 2007



Only hours to go

Fly on Sunday

Tommorow "A SECRET trip for my BIG SECRET"

And the EXAM was a piece of ??? err CAKE. completed the 2 hour exam in 1 hour, I didnt rush it. the tutor said it looks good.

My partner went to ATS, to change the car tyres (today) as we have a lot of motorway driving this weekend.

we have booked a overnight stay (in a, nearby, airport hotel, as our return flight will land at mid night so as not to drive home after a long day, we will stay there and return home the day after.
See you, and tell you, in 10 days time (approx)......Alan

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