Tuesday, March 27, 2007



I have now become a RESEARCHER, for www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk

As my home is in Carmarthenshire, Wales, it seems wise to visit and review places, in Carmarthenshire.

Last night (Monday) was the South Wales Ataxia Curry Night, in VERRANDAS, Llanelli. It was very well attended (over 100), we raised a fair bit of money, for charity (Ataxia UK). The launch of the ATAXCLUSIVE 100 club, took place and the Raffle was drawn. I met a lot of new friends and contacts, Plus the food was excellent!!!!!!

The weekend was “a full schedule” as usual, but I managed to go to the cinema twice, saw the new Mr. Bean movie http://www.beansholiday.com/flash.html fairly good (but he has done better, and this is too predictable) and “NOTES on a SCANDAL” http://www.foxsearchlight.com/NOAS/ with Dame Judi Dench, a very good film (comedy with a bit of evil thrown in).

Hopefully, taking a trip on the train, to Bristol, with Jason, but we are NOT going to stay out as long as we did before. If we can find a cinema, nearby, we will go in there, or we might look around and then return.

Thursday, we go to collect our “NEW” (Motability) car, A Volkswagon TOURAN 1.6 in ShadowBlue.

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