Thursday, April 23, 2009


living from a suitcase - falling - MUST FIND "THAT" CANDLE !!

Very busy week (WHATS NEW!!).
Swimming / Tricycling, replying to emails.

Saturday 18-4-09, met up with new friends, from LWA also will be new members of Ataxia South Wales.
We met up, for a meal at Beefeater Pemberton, Llanelli.
Sunday, after swimming (and falling in the car park!!) we went to “wobbly walk” up to Rosebush Mountain my photos on flickr video on youtube
While climbing down, from the highest point, to take a photo !! I fell, grazed my arm strained my neck and shoulder, but fine.

Mowed the lawn, (A funny sight, me “very wobbly- fast walking”, to keep up with the self propelled mower).
Been to Coleshill to organise some minor issues, in the IT suite, this will make the computers easier to use, and also, make it possible to update the website.
Got home, yesterday, a parcel was left for ME, some reports, sent from the Welsh Assembly statistics Department (WOO lots of reading !! NICE!!)
AUK branch officers conference, in Leicester, so travelling up on the train.
Next, few weeks, will be living out of a suitcase, travel itinery =
Leicester – home – Cross Hands – home – NEC, Birmingham – home – Cardiff airport – Salou, Spain – Barcelona – Tarragona (meet another Ataxian) – home – Chesterfield – Sheffield – Chesterfield – home --- PHEW!! REST ????.
Porch, just waiting for the door,, and window to be made, and then fitted, builder to render the outside.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Bike Ride for Ataxia UK

London to Paris Bike Ride
9th to 13th Sept 09 9th to 13th Sept 09

PLEASE add your name

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter Holiday ?? for some !!

We have got some builders, to demolish, the old porch and build a NEW one.

Booked train tickets to NAIDEX
also accomodation, for the night.

over the Easter holiday, I have been swimming a fair few times, met some old friends, while there. (the GYM/POOL seems to be a good NETWORKING place !!).

Swimming is very good excercise, I will continue going to the GYM, as this will aid my
PHYSIOTHERAPY, thus keeping me mobile. ( I will have to loom, into the funding issues, as I see it, I am doing this myself, as the NHS Physiotherapy, is non-exsistant ??)

I have managed to set up my laptop, wirelessly, (BT Broad Band). The video conferencing is excellent.
This is a very good way, of comunicating, with friends and even keeping my voice excercised, at the same time (SPEECH THERAPY) as suggested by one good freind).

I have also been compiling, (and editting) a very important word document, with the help of a good friend, which will be issued, publicly, in due course.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Swimming - Wireless BICYCLE - TRICYCLE

I went to ( Tuesday 24-3-09) Liberty Stadium, in Swansea, to attend a very interesting conference, dealing with equality, in Wales (it was good, for me to compare the event, content, with the conference I attended, in Sheffield, last month.

I have RESTARTED swimming. Going every other day, to swim, Jacuzzi and Sauna.
Also going to the Gym, in Crymych.
I must admit, I have to find this multi ended CANDLE, as to fit all this in, is very exhausting.

While, in Coleshill, on Friday, my SPEECH THERAPIST, gave me some breathing exercises, to do, as part
A trip, to purchase, a new Laptop, was on Saturday, as my, very very, old (No floppy or CD drive, No USB and a screen that has gone RED!!) has decided, NOT to turn on, so to save on STRESS, and retire, the Hewlett Packard Omni book, I have purchased a Dell 15, which I am writing this BLOG, hopefully I will set it up to go wireless, very soon. (OOO Alans becoming “Up to date”!!!)
Theatr Mwldan had a screening of “Juno” , on Sunday, in conjunction with, the charity

This week has been hectic !! (nothing different there!!)
Swimming, Gym, Tricycling, sorting out, more, travel arrangements (Cross Hands, Leicester, Barcelona, Tarragona, Sheffield, London) as well as attending a monthly meeting of the Green Dragon Bus, committee
Tarragona, is near to Barcelona, where I get to meet another Ataxian, who is also on Living with Ataxia
Yesterday, after swimming, I picked up Jason, and we went down to Theatr Mwldan, Cinema, we saw two films, The Secret of Moonacre and Monsters versus Aliens

The porch has been demolished, by the builders, ready for rebuilding, a proper PORCH, and somewhere we can hang our coats.

Two items, which I have been keeping a look, at, are
Sarah Outen rowing across the Indian Ocean

London to Paris Bike Ride which is planned for September, and will raise awareness, and funds, for Ataxia UK. Justgiving page

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