Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Spillage and GROWING Excitement,

Friday, Coleshill www.coleshillsocialcentre.org.uk I sat the Database exam.
Fairly simple, that said, hope I pass!!.
Dawn picked me up, we went in to Trostre for some “holiday clothes shopping” (shorts + T-shirts).

Saturday, packing and then shopping in Haverfordwest.
Went to Towy Boat Club, Sunday morning, to see about sailing, the weather was windy (but the sea was , surprisingly, calm(ish) I did not go out on the water, as there was no one to launch “WISP” I did see one boat out on the sea, just hope they are OK (virus wise).

Bank Holiday Monday, A GOOD sail, I thought !!!
Went to the boat club, and I saw on the notice board, that because of the sewage spill, in Carmarthen, any sailing was NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !!!

As a result, of the sewage spillage, Carmarthen River Festival, is CANCELLED.
Full article, can be viewed from the BBC

I knew about the sewage spill, Saturday evening + from http://towybclub.blogspot.com/ but didn’t realise the SERIOUSNESS, that it would mean to the Towy .

Travelled towards home, called in at Llety Cynin http://www.lletycynin.co.uk/ used the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.
The weather, outside was gale force winds with heavy rain showers.
On the way home I went to see the Chocolate farm http://www.welshchocolatefarm.com/ just to see how many people were visiting, the car park was FULL, even cars parked on the, exit lane.

Got, the last few things to pack, before my trip, to Gambia. http://www.gambia.co.uk/default.aspx
Alas, there are NO watersports in Gambia. (when a tree falls in the river, it is called a boat!!).
This morning I transplanted some seeds / plants, given to me by Tim + Alice, at their wedding, last year. I have been updating them, of the GROWING progress.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


AWARDS Gambia soon!!! WOOHOO

A “slow” sail, on Sunday afternoon.
At home the wind was fairly strong, but 17 miles away at Towy Boat Club, it was a different climate – NO WIND (to speak of!!) unless we made it out towards Ferryside (nearer the mouth of the estruary).

A very busy day, was had on Monday.

Doctors appointment (to check the progress, on my wrist) its doing fine, so I can continue “living to the full (as if I STOPPED!!!)

Travel up to Letterston, for a meeting of PRTA http://www.prta.co.uk/prta%20English/home.htm
When I arrived, I was put to use (as a wheelchair user) taking part in the Emergency Evacuation Procedure for Minibuses. As I said before, I have done this, on a previous occasion, so I “knew” what to do.

Then return home to Llanboidy, change and wash, and we were off to Selwyn Samuel Centre, Llanelli http://www.carmarthenshire.gov.uk/index.asp?locID=5755&docID=-1
To accept an AWARD.
The computer class from Coleshill http://www.coleshillsocialcentre.org.uk/
Has won an AWARD for their IT work.
The AWARD was presented by Stephen Morgan, from the BBC.
We all had a “scroll” of the award plus a Framed certificate, that will be on display, in Coleshill.
The photos will be in the newspapers, ASAP
(I felt a bit “underdressed” it was an occasion, I should of taken to wear my suit and bow tie).

Two days, I travelled to Coleshill, to rest (sort of!!)

Last night (Wednesday 21-5-08), went to Towy Boat Club http://towybclub.blogspot.com/ to give my support to the “try a TOPPER” http://www.toppersailboats.com/shop/online_shop_toplevel.aspx?category_id=1 a Junior taster session, which will encourage youngsters on to the water (in a SAFE environment).

Today, I have to revise for my DATABASE exam, which is tomorrow !!!!!

6 days until we fly to Gambia WOOHOO WOOHOO

While I will be away – Llanboidy Sports and Social Club will have on 7th June- A PIG roast 7 pm with LIVE music at 9 pm http://www.theshamoncies.co.uk/index.html

Sunday, May 18, 2008



Coleshill, Friday,
The, website, was finalised, and NOW is online www.coleshillsocialcentre.org.uk
Just, a few minor adjustments and, to be shown, how to maintain the site.

Saturday, Pick-up Jason, from St.Clears, and then take him to Narberth, to his swimming lesson.
Afterwards, we went to Haverfordwest (Riverside Market) as part of Adult Learner`s http://www.niace.org.uk/alw/2008/ Week with the WEA http://www.swales.wea.org.uk/index1.html

To my amazement, My computer tutor (from Coleshill) and the House Manager (from Towy Boat Club) are very good friends and were hosting the WEA, Stand !!!!
Promoting the services, of the WEA.
Eleanor on the IT
And Josie dealing with Face painting and card making.
I had WEA (painted on one cheek) with CAG (WEA in Welsh) on the other!!!
(Que ODD looks from the Public!!!)

Their stall was under cover, a good thing, as it rained quite heavily during the day.
We then went up to TESCO, before, returning home, to load the car ready for Dawn and Jason to go to a “car boot” sale in Carew, on Sunday.
Today, Sunday, I am hoping to go sailing (this afternoon) it may well be my last chance, before we go to Gambia.
(so far it looks fairly “breezey”) so it should be good fun.

I need to “revise” my DATABASE, computer knowledge, as I have an exam on Friday !!!!!
Tomorrow evening, attend an award ceremony, in Llanelli.
Coleshill, Computer class, has won an award from the WEA !!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


BUSY, BUSY BUSY must look harder for a candle with two ends

Went to the Towy Boat Club, on Saturday

Pressure Washed the path and concrete apron (ready for some paint “marking out”.
Dawn had a “pitch” at a car boot sale, at Carmarthen showground, on Sunday, She took me to the boat club at 9 am, so I could go sailing.

Good job I took my paddle out with me, As there was NO wind, the estuary, was like a MIRROR.

A session, at the gym, followed, the next day.
Hospital check up, on my wrist, on Tuesday. All OK.
Had new tyres fitted, on the car, before our journey to Gatwick.
On the way back called at
Llety Gynin. A newly opened leisure facility in Llangynin.
A very nice place, with swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym and coffee lounge. (further buildings will add to this).
I went for a swim and will soon return for a swim sauna and try the Jacuzzi.
That night was a Committee meeting of Lllanboidy Sports and Social Club to attend.
Wednesday another session at the gym. And in the evening mowed the lawn (thanks to the “self propelled” mower) a job I can do!! (but it is hard to KEEP, up with the mower and the lawn is a bit uneven !!!!

Today, it is raining, so I can catch up with emails

This Saturday I am in Haverfordwest (Riverside Market) as part of Adult Learner`s http://www.niace.org.uk/alw/2008/ Week with the WEA http://www.swales.wea.org.uk/index1.html

Friday, May 09, 2008


Excitment--MASSIVE PAIN--reactions

Bank Holiday Monday- I picked up Jason, on the way to Carmarthen Boat Show http://www.welshboatshow.co.uk/show/english/home.aspx ,A very pleasant, afternoon, met some friends, and members of Towy Boat Club, Josie and Paul from White water consultancy http://www.wwc.co.uk/index.php
Plus, I, arranged a “Test Demo” of a Windrider trimaran, with http://www.windrider.co.uk/ this is to happen at Dale Sailing http://www.dale-sailing.co.uk/

In the evening, I, went to Towy Boat Club, and went out on “WISP” sailing, During my sail, I managed to damage the TENDONS, in my left wrist, massive “CRACKING” sound accompanied, by, a MASSIVE “Electric” shock, and pain !!!! (using the lowering ropes of the tiller)
Later on my wrist was swollen and bruised.
Tuesday, it was even more swollen, and my, fingers had gone a GREY colour !!! A trip to the doctors was due !!! then a trip to A&E, to have it X-rayed, As it might have been broken.
Result = massive TENDON damage, left with a support bandage and told to rest it. (ME—NO).

I went to Coleshill, on Wednesday (yes WEDNESDAY) went to a meeting of Carmarthen Disability Coalition, in Llanelli.

Thursday, day of computery stuff.
Friday, went to Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli, as usual, no computer class, but was helping out with, other clients computer problems.
The Coleshill web designer has made the website “live” today www.coleshillsocialcentre.org.uk

While I was there, a “press” photographer, came to take a few photos, of me and the staff, as the local press are making an article up, after they discovered my Digital Story.

Poor man (photographer) he was told I was in a “wheelchair”. He asked for Alan Thomas, I heard him ask, so I said “it was me”, he was looking for- His face was a picture!! As I don’t need to use a wheelchair, in Coleshill, as its all one level and very flat, so just need the use of a walking stick. The staff, had to confirm, that it was ME, he was looking for!!!.
Don’t worry, as this happens A LOT, (and I mean A LOT) Plus it is a HILLARIOUS, moment !!! (for me)
He took some photos of me with staff and clients, my Digital Story certificate, and me by the Coleshill sign (in a wheelchair)

Monday, May 05, 2008


HO HUM !!!

Lots, has happened, over the last week, or so.

LAUNCHING SUPPER at Towy Boat Club (26-4-08) very good, and successful, event. LIVE music by a band called “Driftwood”.
Sailing, for me on Sunday, a very good sail.

Speech Therapy, 28-4-08, went well.

Meeting at “Phenonix” Tavarn, Gorslas, for ATAXIA South Wales. (30-4-08), a good turn out and with new members attending.

Thursday, was ELECTION Day.
I have to report, that, I didn’t get in, results at

I only got 93 votes !!
The rest raised 140 up to 180.
But the way I see it, I came in to the proceedings fairly late in the race, (only a few weeks to go) and got 93, as opposed to the others, who had a FULL term.

Went to Cardiff University on Saturday 3rd May.
They are researching, the input, from the public, to the BBC. (Digital Stories, and the like http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/audiovideo/sites/yourvideo/pages/alan_thomas_01.shtml

Today (Monday 5-5-08) going to Carmarthen, to see the Boat Show, in the showground. http://www.welshboatshow.co.uk/show/english/home.aspx

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