Sunday, May 18, 2008



Coleshill, Friday,
The, website, was finalised, and NOW is online
Just, a few minor adjustments and, to be shown, how to maintain the site.

Saturday, Pick-up Jason, from St.Clears, and then take him to Narberth, to his swimming lesson.
Afterwards, we went to Haverfordwest (Riverside Market) as part of Adult Learner`s Week with the WEA

To my amazement, My computer tutor (from Coleshill) and the House Manager (from Towy Boat Club) are very good friends and were hosting the WEA, Stand !!!!
Promoting the services, of the WEA.
Eleanor on the IT
And Josie dealing with Face painting and card making.
I had WEA (painted on one cheek) with CAG (WEA in Welsh) on the other!!!
(Que ODD looks from the Public!!!)

Their stall was under cover, a good thing, as it rained quite heavily during the day.
We then went up to TESCO, before, returning home, to load the car ready for Dawn and Jason to go to a “car boot” sale in Carew, on Sunday.
Today, Sunday, I am hoping to go sailing (this afternoon) it may well be my last chance, before we go to Gambia.
(so far it looks fairly “breezey”) so it should be good fun.

I need to “revise” my DATABASE, computer knowledge, as I have an exam on Friday !!!!!
Tomorrow evening, attend an award ceremony, in Llanelli.
Coleshill, Computer class, has won an award from the WEA !!!

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