Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Looks like I will have to "CURB" my "things to do", Havent got time to fit things in (copy/paste is my friend For alot of time saving!)

Got another course work book, to study more on the Presentation module (of the computer class) the exam is this Friday (March 2nd)

Saturday and Sunday was spent doing various "normal" things ended up in Cardigan, Carmarthen and Swansea then returned to Coleshill, Llanelli for a Ataxia South Wales meeting ( attendance was a bit dissappointing, but with Spring on its way I hope to see more attend!)
Alot was diccussed, suggestions of things to happen/do over the following year.

Plus I announced that I would be WRITEING a book (WHEELY Positive) (no going back, now) and gave out some permission forms (so I can use personal names or photos with the involved consent) Got loads of people and places to contact (some have already gone "in the pipeline")
So YOU might get a mention in the book, if so I will be contacting you, with consent, first!!!.

Already been to the cinema ,this week saw dreamgirls http://www.dreamgirlsmovie.com/ a so so film not what I was exspecting. next film I want to see is BORAT, I have to see it this week, as it is only showing in Cardigan, for this week,
We are busy packing for our holiday (next week)

I have been sent an email asking me to meet the owners of a website I contribute to, as they asked me to review places in and around Carmarthen ( they have made a list of places for me to go!!)

EXCITING times to come (More travel ideas to concentrate on) and this weekend will be very "eye opening" (for me).
will try and post before the departure but if
NOT, see you soon

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sort of Doing not much !!

For the remainder, of the week, I took it easy (physically (or sort of, staying at home), researching a few things.

Friday, was MY day at Coleshill, Speech therapist, had cancelled the appointment, for today, so was able to remain in the computer class. The tutor announced, that the (Powerpoint) exam WILL take place in 2 weeks! ( I WILL HAVE TO DO ALL THE COURSE WORK, from the start, BEFORE FRIDAY, as I know there is an additional part to the course work, we have yet to be studied!!!!!).

The afternoon of Saturday, was spent in Theatr Mwldan, http://www.mwldan.co.uk/ seeing 2 films
“Happy Feet” (we got the start times mixed up, so missed the first half hour!!, but an enjoyable film)

“Night at the Museum” (the comedy in this was a bit predictable and (I thought a bit “not that funny”)

Monday, I went to Coleshill, to a clients meeting, (the last one I missed, so I wanted to attend this one, so I will know what’s “going on”).
While there a friend and I discussed, the 2 of us going to the Mobility Raodshow, in Kemble, Swindon. (19,20,21st July 2007). In the afternoon, small groups of clients, filled in a quiz questionnaire (results announced TODAY, Tueday, But I wont know until Friday.

On a separate note, I have taken the first steps into starting in to the MASSIVE task, of getting the information (and permissions) to start writing my book “Wheely Positive” (the title so far,)

Thursday, February 15, 2007


The travel bug..continues.......

Cardiff Big Day Out…..

Tuesday morning, 9.00 am, Catch the (Arriva Trains Wales) train to Cardiff Central Station.

I (this would be the longest, train journey, I have been on) and Jason (nephew,12) (he has only been on a train once, that was only 6 miles !!). It was a very exciting time, for both of us.

At Cardiff, we had to “shout” , to get train staff, to get the ramp, for me to get off the train!!
Unkown to us, a new cinema, is just outside the station, The VUE, Millenium Plazza. But we have already decided to go to the Cineworld, cinema, just up the road.
It is very busy, in the streets of Cardiff, traffic in all directions, you have to keep your wits about you. The main road, we had to use, was very muddy, due to “massive” building work being undertaken, and the redevelopment, of some of the streets.
We got to the cinema, in good time (15 minutes). I didn’t realise it is next to Cardiff International Arrena.

Anyway, the cinema, has 15 screens on 4 floors, connected by lifts and escalators, level 2 is a very large lounge with bar and snacks, ground floor, for tickets and, film, information. Screens on level 2 and 3, with snacks on level 3 (popcorn, drinks, sweets)

And so, for the first film—Arthur and the Invisibles---

We then went to the ground floor, to check the times of the next film
Epic Movie
We had to be fairly quick, to get to see the start of this film (toilet break, snacks)

(rant over)

When we came out, it had started to rain, so we went to see another film – Goal 2
A football based story with other aspects of the players ( I hate football but this was a good film!

By the end of this film it was pouring with rain, so after checking the train times, we went to see another film – Rocky Balboa

After the end of this film, we had a mammoth task, to get to the station (a few minutes).
By this time , there was a few cars parked on the pavements or across “dropped kerbs” so a few manoeuvres in to the (busy) roads was called for, but a lot of help, from passers by, was available when asked for.

We got to the station, too late (from the main door to the platform is a good couple of minutes). The next train was in an hour (10.00 pm), we made phone calls home, to explain, and made our way to the platform. By this time, we only had to wait 25 minutes. ( unknown to me, this was the “LAST” train from Cardiff to Carmarthen, at night !!!!!!!!!!
Photos, of, our trip are on Flickr

We got in to Carmarthen station at 12.04am. Elaine (Jasons mum) picked us up, and took me home.

On the train Jason was studying the timetable, as suggested we go to LONDON on the train, just to go there and come back, I said I would look on the internet, for information, about it, and we can go (after his operation) in the late summer or next year. It is a long journey, so it might be worth staying over night, in a hotel, so we will have time to see a few things.

But for now, we are both “GROUNDED” and not allowed to go any where, for a while.

Only thing, for me, its only 14 days until I go to Fueringola, Costa del Sol !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Another busy time !!

Snow has now gone,
I didn’t go to Coleshill, on Friday, because of the icy conditions.

On Saturday, morning, had to ring ARRIVA Trains Wales, to arrange, wheelchair assistance, (for my trip on Tuesday).

Picked up Jason (nephew) on the way to Carmarthen (to get some shopping). We got him a “BARGAIN” Microscope + Telescope, it was reduced down to £2.58 (from the reduced price of £12.50, from which it was on SALE, at Christmas!!). They are very good, for a “learner”. He has a fascination, for the SOLAR system (plus it stops him asking ME questions, I don’t know the answer to.

Sunday, Dawn, me, Jason and Elaine went to the SAVOY, StClears for Sunday lunch, and to see Melanie (who works, there).

Afterwards we all went to the cinema, Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. To see “Charlottes Web”. http://www.charlotteswebmovie.com/site/index.php

Next day, Monday, went with Elaine and Jason, to Morriston Hospital, Swansea for him to confirm the date of his operation (to remove the lump on his left check, as a result of the Neurofibramatosis) This will be on 16th March, it will take about 3-4 hours. HE IS VERY BRAVE AND VERY NERVOUS about this.
We then called in at Fforestfach, shopping mall, (for me to go in to Borders (bookshop) to get a few books, and for us to have a drink in “Starbucks” coffee shop, upstairs.
I will up load photos, to Flickr, later on, today, when I find time.

TUESDAY –BIG DAY OUT (see next entry)

Thursday, February 08, 2007



Managed to get out on STORMIE (POWERCHAIR).
Have a look at my clip on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3KVRpmV6VI

A bit of White, frozen water and everything goes out of the window (me and the whole country).

We have had a fair bit of SNOW. With powercut for most of the night, NO electric, means NO water, as the mains has to be pumped over the brow of the hill, so about 10 houses have no water. plus, with our boiler no electric means the heating pump doesnt work, so the water gets hoter and hoter , in the boiler and a saftey thing cuts the boiler out--thus no heat (if we dont watch out!!!!!.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007



Last night (Monday) I went to Theatr Mwldan @ . To see Andy Kirkpatrick PSYCHOVERTICAL—tall tales from the edge (stage show) @ http://www.psychovertical.com/
A very amusing, interesting, thought provoking, night out. Its about rock climbing and his experiences.

Andy came over to me, before the show, to explain that, in his show, he does a lot of talk about, Karen Darke, http://www.karendarke.com (a Paraplegic, on an expedition, with him, across Greenland) that might offend any person, in a wheelchair. I told him “to carry on, and NOT to worry” (the things he said were just “normal observations, that we all think about, but his interpretation, was very, very funny.
I also explained, that, my wheelchair (LOAMIE) was infact, bought from KAREN DARKE (in MINT condition, showroom condition), last year, a SMALL WORLD !!!!

I first heard a mention, of this show (3 and half hour), on RADIO 2, and then in a news email from Theatr Mwldan. It’s a short UK tour, but worth going to see. Mwldan, was “packed to capacity”. The next stop is in GWYNEDD.

I have put a, couple of posts, on the BBC Ouch forum http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/F2322273
Go and have a look.

Monday, February 05, 2007


24hrs in a DAY, is NOT Enough !!

Friday, visit Coleshill. Didn’t study my computer course, couldn’t concentrate, too much on my mind!!.

Saturday, Went to Neyland (Volkswagon) dealer, to order our next car, a TOURAN 1.6 in Shadow Blue. Return home via TESCO Haverfordwest. As it was a nice, dry, afternoon, I took “Stormie” out for a spin, to take some film clips, to upload to you tube, later today ( Monday pm).@ http://www.youtube.com/my_videos DONT FORGET TO KEEP LOOKING FOR UPDATED CLIPS

Sunday, A Full day.
Went to look around Carmarthen, car boot sale, in the Showground. It was “a bit cold” but OK in the sun, A lot more there than when we went a few months ago. Then in to town to have a look in the few shops that were “open”. Nothing to interest us in T K MAXX, down to “The Works” (bookshop and crafts) got a few (cheap) books (to rea in the future (research my big secret). Over to the train station, to get a time table, of the trains to and from Cardiff. Hoping to take Jason (nephew) during half-term.
Take a stroll over the new footbridge, quite an impressive piece of work, even though a bit “scary” (on my nerves).
Visit Jason, on the way to Cardigan, and over to St. Dogmaels, to take some more film clips, to up load (Poppit, new, jetty). Then over to the cinema http://www.mwldan.co.uk/ to see The Queen, starring Helen Mirren. The auditorium was fairly full, but all the way through, every body was “silent”, you could hear “a pin drop” (so to speak). A good film, no wonder it won Helen Those awards, her facial expressions are spectacular!!.

Bought tickets for a “LIVE” performance, tonight, PSYCHOVERTICAL-tall tales from the edge by Andy Kirkpatrick. I heard it recommended on Radio 2 and on the TV, Tag lines are--- “Makes Ray Mears look like Paris Hilton” “Pant-Wetting stuff” and “ Killer stand-up-routine- an intoxicating mix of side-splitting humour and bum-clenching fear” see more @ http://www.psychovertical.com/ tell you how it goes, later in the week.

Just spoke to the council, about the grant work that’s to be redone, apparently, the file is very complicated and will take some sorting out ( I think some cover- ups, have been discovered ???). When this officer came to visit (with the builder from the village, who we wanted in the first place) and they could see that the work done is very sub-standard and will have to be redone properly and a mention of us having to move out while this work is redone. The new bathroom wet floor, rubber membrane will have to be dug up to renew the drains!!!, new flat roof again, renew all underground drains and install new sewage system (as stated on the plans!)

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