Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Another busy time !!

Snow has now gone,
I didn’t go to Coleshill, on Friday, because of the icy conditions.

On Saturday, morning, had to ring ARRIVA Trains Wales, to arrange, wheelchair assistance, (for my trip on Tuesday).

Picked up Jason (nephew) on the way to Carmarthen (to get some shopping). We got him a “BARGAIN” Microscope + Telescope, it was reduced down to £2.58 (from the reduced price of £12.50, from which it was on SALE, at Christmas!!). They are very good, for a “learner”. He has a fascination, for the SOLAR system (plus it stops him asking ME questions, I don’t know the answer to.

Sunday, Dawn, me, Jason and Elaine went to the SAVOY, StClears for Sunday lunch, and to see Melanie (who works, there).

Afterwards we all went to the cinema, Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. To see “Charlottes Web”.

Next day, Monday, went with Elaine and Jason, to Morriston Hospital, Swansea for him to confirm the date of his operation (to remove the lump on his left check, as a result of the Neurofibramatosis) This will be on 16th March, it will take about 3-4 hours. HE IS VERY BRAVE AND VERY NERVOUS about this.
We then called in at Fforestfach, shopping mall, (for me to go in to Borders (bookshop) to get a few books, and for us to have a drink in “Starbucks” coffee shop, upstairs.
I will up load photos, to Flickr, later on, today, when I find time.

TUESDAY –BIG DAY OUT (see next entry)

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