Saturday, September 22, 2007



Going SAILING tomorrow.

Hope the weather, is OK. Been checking weather online at

Will be going with Towy Boat Club, Llanstephan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Trying to "GET" back to "Normality / EARTH"!!!!!!!!

WELL, What an exciting (and exhausting) time,this Saturday, at the Southampton Boat Show.
It is a VERY big show, a lot to see and do.
Food and drink is very expensive, in the show (cup of tea £2.40).
A Stand worth a mention is the very impressive “SUNSEEKER” yachts,-- which has dedicated staff, with STEP CLIMBER, to assist disabled visitors.

We, travelled up, to a Travelodge just west of Andover, on Friday night, a good thing as motorway was very busy.

More on the show at (Alans Adventures)

After, the show, we went for a meal at The Swan, pub and restaurant in Barton Stacey (Andover). Very nice meal in a nice setting.

On, the return journey, on Sunday, we visited STONEHENGE. Very ATMOSPHERIC. We got there early Sunday morning but it soon got very busy and chaotic. It is well worth the visit. During the visit, you will be given a headset to listen to an informative “audio description”.
Photos on -- within the next few days

About halfway, on the homeward journey, we called in, with our niece, who works (and lives) at a country pub in Sutton Benger, Chippenham. The Sunday roast we ordered, was excellent.
I think “my Adventures” will have to include Chippenham, from now on. Chippenham has a train station, which is only a few miles, for my niece to come and pick me up (HINT HINT)

Next Sunday (23-9-07), I am invited, to Towy Boat Club, to go sailing in a “Challenger” Trimaran, (same as “Geoff Holt” .

Geoff Holt has been nominated as a contender for yachtsman of the year,
PLEASE If you feel the need to vote for him, you can at --

Talking about sailing, I am interested in a Hobie Adventure Island Mirage (a KAYAK Trimaran, with a sail).--
So it will be a BIG decision on which to invest – a “Hobie” or “Advanced Elements KAYAK.

Today (Monday 17-9-07) “a rest day” with the added bonus of hour and half in the GYM !!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Well, what an Exciting and EMOTIONAL, day. (Wednesday 5-9-07) Geoff came to Hamble, slipway. Greeted by many supporters and PRESS. (Google Geoff Holt, and you will see).
I was introduced, to a person, who I have only seen her name on (Geoff`s) blog. Both of us have have been inspired by this event, and are persuing "the sailing idea", Geoff has mentioned us in his blog and during his speech. THANK YOU. It was a great honour to be there!!!!. I will catch up with him at the Southampton Boat Show. more over on (as soon as I can)

After my "Hectic" few days, a rest is in order, before I am off to the Boat Show.

Plans, for the trip are "in hand".
Traveling by car, as apposed to train, like when I went to Hamble, last week.

First night, stayed in B&B in Hamble.
Second night, stayed at Royal Southern Yacht Club, A very nice stay, (Very POSH).
Was invited out, for a meal, with Geoff, his wife, Elaine, and the PE team.
Italian in Botley.

At the moment, I am trying to "calm" down and getting things "sorted" for .
Been out on my trike most early mornings, and swimming and to the Gym.

OH Yes, hope fully, going sailing, at Towy Boat Club, a week Sunday.

Monday, September 03, 2007


WOOSH (the sound of TIME????)

Time, goes, by, so fast !!!!!!

To summarize

Been out on trike (most days, twice) first time early am and again in the pm.

Speech therpy on 23-8-09

Kayak (a lot) 22-8-07 all day, at Amroth.
Mow lawn (as soon as it needs to, much to passers by ammusment)

Visit a Vintage show 26-8-07

Swimming, gym

Crymych Food and Craft Festival 28-8-07
(A complait about (NO access, has been lodged with Pembs. Council)

A Visit was made to (1-9-07)

Watched "Sunshine" on DVD (twice) A BRILLIANT film

Due to a prior engagement, I couldn’t help Ataxia South Wales, during a fund raising/ awareness event, at Stradey Stadium, Llanelli (pm of 1-9-07) sorry to all !!

Yesterday evening I went to see Andy Kirkpatrick, , in Theatr Mwldan
I went to see, Andy, in his other show,

I have Today, been CONFIRMING, my travel plans, to meet Geoff Holt
Going Tommorrow Tuesday 4-9-07) by train , staying in Bed + Breakfast, (for a day or two) before my return.
I will write about it then, for

In a few days we will see him at Southampton Boat Show

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