Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Well, what an Exciting and EMOTIONAL, day. (Wednesday 5-9-07) Geoff came to Hamble, slipway. Greeted by many supporters and PRESS. (Google Geoff Holt, and you will see).
I was introduced, to a person, who I have only seen her name on (Geoff`s) blog. Both of us have have been inspired by this event, and are persuing "the sailing idea", Geoff has mentioned us in his blog and during his speech. THANK YOU. It was a great honour to be there!!!!. I will catch up with him at the Southampton Boat Show. more over on (as soon as I can)

After my "Hectic" few days, a rest is in order, before I am off to the Boat Show.

Plans, for the trip are "in hand".
Traveling by car, as apposed to train, like when I went to Hamble, last week.

First night, stayed in B&B in Hamble.
Second night, stayed at Royal Southern Yacht Club, A very nice stay, (Very POSH).
Was invited out, for a meal, with Geoff, his wife, Elaine, and the PE team.
Italian in Botley.

At the moment, I am trying to "calm" down and getting things "sorted" for .
Been out on my trike most early mornings, and swimming and to the Gym.

OH Yes, hope fully, going sailing, at Towy Boat Club, a week Sunday.

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