Friday, October 26, 2007



Just a short update.

Last night, (23-10-07) I attended a Taf Myrddin Community Network meeting, in Conwyl Elfed (Village Hall).
My Digital Story was shown to the attendees (mostly Board Members of organisations). I also made some useful contacts and a relative of an Ataxia sufferer (who is going to telephone me).

Today (Wednesday) Geoff Holt ( emailed me with a link to a you tube clip he has published

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Fabulous weekend -- good news Monday

Tim Spivey and Alice Cooke got married, on Saturday, @ 11.00am in Holy Trinity, Hereford
With a MAGNIFICENT reception at the Left Bank Village
3 course dinner of
Mushroom soup (with Ravioli, parcel)
Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon with mashed potato (flavoured with bacon) and vegetables
Citrus Cheesecake with sorbet
Coffee or Tea
Wine throughout

The couple are Honeymooning on a Cruise of the Rhine.
Many thanks for a wonderful day.
Best Wishes to the Happy Couple

On the way, to Hereford, we stopped at McArthurglen, Bridgend. I bought some sallopettes (for sailing and Kayaking), from Helly Hansen
I will try and get photos up on Flickr
We travelled back, that evening, as I was going Sailing WOOHOO WOOHOO. (Sunday) There was a fair Breeze, (so I thought “it looked” promising).
We arrived at Towy Boat Club, the wind, was fairly “brisk”. But as the Towy Estuary is sheltered, on both sides, by hills, the wind was not so strong and there was even “pockets” of NO wind !!!

So “back to normal” gym, swimming and tricycling (early am (7 ish)
Editing / HTML code –
Community meetings
Ataxia South Wales, meeting on Sunday (28th)

Juliet Prentice, from Devon, who I met (while at Hamble) has just informed me of some GOOD NEWS!!! Juliet is going to Isle of Wight, (on a course) to experience sailing, on the sea. The course will last for 4-5 days, I told her to update me on her return. (so accurate information, as soon as I get to convey it !!).

Juliet – I am excited for you, (and a bit JEALOUS)(WOOHOO)

I will be checking the weather via for her voyage (and to check up on weather in my area).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We meet again

Managed to get some bowls in while the YFC set up the divers (talk) equipment.

The talk was very interesting see

Been out on my trike nearly every day early mornings 7.00 and again in the afternoons.

Saturday, went to cinema saw TRANSFOMERS A fairly exciting film, continuous action all the way through!!

We went for Sunday lunch at Flat Rock
Very nice place and views are MAGNIFICANT.
Travel down there for lunch and we see Mr & Mrs Sullivan, from the village (website team) We have bumped into each other at twice (at various Non village events) LOOKS LIKE we get about , the county, a fair bit !!

I am attending the wedding of Alice Cooke and Tim Spivey in Hereford, this Saturday.
I WISH them both the very best.
See you there.
(sorry, but haven’t managed to source a correct HAT).

WOOHOO SAILING this Sunday (solo)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


"Positively Important" ??

A very interesting, week.
Been to many meetings (more later)
As usual been out on my tricycle, most days early morning and sometimes, in the afternoon as well. Up to 10 miles (some days !!)
Been to the Gym and swimming.
Didn’t go to Coleshill, on Friday, have got a cold and was not going “to spread my germs. (SO THOUGHTFUL, ME !!)
Had a go at “short Mat Bowls” with the Llanboidy Bowls Club, I will be going again, as it seems I am “better”, than I ever Imagined, I could be, with a “co-ordination” problem.

I have been spending “a lot” of time Learning HTML code, to use on . This was a “steep” learning curve, and I have made “lots” of mistakes (but, hopefully, I will learn from them!!).
I have been given the title of “Website Administrator” for
And to “TOP IT ALL” while I was “backing up” my work on to CD-ROM, the (USB) memory pen drive (with a lot of important files) decided to become “FAULTY” (It seems to stop working when it gets to a certain temperature??) so I copied ALL of its contents, when I first used it and it was “cold”, over to “disc” “just in-case” it goes before I can replace it!!.

Saturday, (6-10-07) went SAILING again WOOHOO WOOHOO. It has been very warm, in the last few days, and it was a nice day. Alas NO wind, I mean NO wind, the instructor and I managed to tack across the estuary, very very slowly, plus drifting with the tide, and being towed, in to what seemed a “WIND” pocket-but was NOT, we weren’t the only ones! Only one boat seemed to be moving well, but we learned, afterwards, that they were using a small ENGINE !!!.
Going again Sunday, Hoping for a “winder” sail been checking the forecast isn’t “brilliant” but we will see !!.
All, I know, it is a lot “cloudier” and “colder” than Saturday.

Been looking at Travel brochures, getting some ideas, ready for next “spring”—by then I will probably needing a “holiday/adventure”!.

Got some “Very Very” important meetings lined up over the coming weeks (just suffice to say between a Large Charity and a county council,)

Oh, just to add to the mix!!
Llanboidy YFC are holding a meeting where they are having a “Talk” on Scuba Diving, by a person involved with this activity, and I am invited to attend. Diving, with a wheelie/disability….ermm, should be interesting !!!.

Been to meetings, Center for Inclusive Living, Steering Committee, Trinity College. My Digital Story has been seen by various "high up" people!!
Llanboidy YFC (Diving talk. Bowls club where I think I am getting the hang of things !!).

Monday, October 01, 2007


TOO busy to UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been to busy, to update this BLOG ??????????????

After my last entry, I did go sailing, the wind was only a breeze at Towy Boat Club, Llanstephan. see it at and . It was very good will be going again on October 6 and 7th (two days !!).

Been to various meetings
trying togather information for website
been out in my tricycle most days (very early mornings)
going swimming and to the Gym
saw Ten Canoes, at Theatr Mwldan

learning HTML code for editing

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