Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Fabulous weekend -- good news Monday

Tim Spivey and Alice Cooke got married, on Saturday, @ 11.00am in Holy Trinity, Hereford http://www.holytrinityhereford.org/ministry.asp
With a MAGNIFICENT reception at the Left Bank Village http://www.leftbank.co.uk/
3 course dinner of
Mushroom soup (with Ravioli, parcel)
Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon with mashed potato (flavoured with bacon) and vegetables
Citrus Cheesecake with sorbet
Coffee or Tea
Wine throughout

The couple are Honeymooning on a Cruise of the Rhine.
Many thanks for a wonderful day.
Best Wishes to the Happy Couple

On the way, to Hereford, we stopped at McArthurglen, Bridgend. http://www.bridgenddesigneroutlet.com/consumer.asp?url=mcarthurglen I bought some sallopettes (for sailing and Kayaking), from Helly Hansen http://www.hellyhansen.com/
I will try and get photos up on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanroygbiv/
We travelled back, that evening, as I was going Sailing WOOHOO WOOHOO. (Sunday) There was a fair Breeze, (so I thought “it looked” promising).
We arrived at Towy Boat Club, the wind, was fairly “brisk”. But as the Towy Estuary is sheltered, on both sides, by hills, the wind was not so strong and there was even “pockets” of NO wind !!!

So “back to normal” gym, swimming and tricycling (early am (7 ish)
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Community meetings
Ataxia South Wales, meeting on Sunday (28th)

Juliet Prentice, from Devon, who I met (while at Hamble) has just informed me of some GOOD NEWS!!! Juliet is going to Isle of Wight, (on a course) to experience sailing, on the sea. The course will last for 4-5 days, I told her to update me on her return. (so accurate information, as soon as I get to convey it !!).

Juliet – I am excited for you, (and a bit JEALOUS)(WOOHOO)

I will be checking the weather via www.weatheronline.com for her voyage (and to check up on weather in my area).

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