Monday, March 31, 2008


Exciting and Exhausting Sailing (Detail for JP)

Friday, NO Coleshill, So I took my nomination papers, in to the Chamber, Carmarthen Council.
Now the process has started !!

Saturday, when I got up, and looked out the window, it was blowing a gale, rain, so I did think that the Boat club meeting perhaps might get postponed for SAFETY reasons (how wrong I was !!!, should know better, that TBC has different weather than we do , up in the hills.)

Any way went to Towy Boat Club (too late for my taking part !!)
Very windy, sea was rough a lot of “white water”, (but told was fairly good, First thing)
To find a good turn out, with a lot of people who had been out on the water.

A lot of people asked me “Where have YOU been?”

So Home, we came , late in the afternoon.

Sunday, was expecting to be windy and rough seas.

To my amazement, there was NO wind,
Went to TBC very early Sea was “LIKE A MIRROR” NO WIND !!

I was told to change, as the WIND was coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got changed we launched the boat (Challenger—WISP).

First I went up river, but that was not that exciting, so went towards the ESTUARY (Ferryside)- Towards the sea.
The wind was getting better, I was soon going well, when I turned (Tacked ??) towards Llanstephan beach, I had left it too late to end up hearing the centre board “GRAZE” on the sand of the shallowing water !!! OH GREAT, I THOUGHT!!!, (NOT).
After a while, of shunting, to and fro (on the spot) I was just about, to eject myself, when a “king GUST of Wind” got me free.

Time to go back to the SAFTEY of the sight of the boat club !! in doing so, I was met by the SAFTEY boat telling me “think its time to go back”!!!
On the sail back I was sure something was wrong with the rudder (steering)
But I don’t know enough about these thing (plus I couldn’t see much, directly, behind me.
On one tack (turn) I managed to, REALLY” ground the boat (but close to the Jetty, for some one to come to my aid (Glyn.C) and “push me back in to the water!!

I went for a run (up stream) before coming in to the slipway.
I was told “I had been out a long time, and gone quite far (TELL ME ABOUT IT)

As, last time, I came in to the slipway, too fast, I let the wind out of the sail early enough and headed towards the mud (at the side of the slipway).
By this time the wind , was blowing a fair bit, but we got “WISP” out easily (WE as in “the TEAM”). I always feel a bit guilty, at not being ABLE to help.
(OH yes, I did get wet !!)
It was then “Bacon Butties” in the club house.

Then return home, at about 3.30pm.

Today, Monday, totally exhausted (I WONDER WHY??)

Two men have been to insulate the loft. A free installation from the Government.
In the mail, a parcel, a second hand camera, bought from ebay, to supplement the one we have, (identical twins, one silver one Blue)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



65 days to go ……

Good Friday, Jason and I, went to Cardiff, on the train.
Went to the cinema, Cineworld

Saw 3 films (not that good) (Fairly scarey, in places, but a good film) (another, good film-although a bit predictable)

Saturday, we went to Theatre Mwldan
Saw 10,000 BC (not what we were expecting, from the trailers, that have been shown??)
After we went to poppit, for a cup of tea and I took some photos of the rough sea- (IT WAS VERY WINDY), before Jason had to go home.

Sunday, Dawn and I, made a phone call, to Lamin in Gambia. It made him very happy. It was nice to hear his voice !!!!

Yesterday, Tuesday, Picked up Jason, on the way to Tesco in Carmarthen.
It was the first time I have gone shopping, on my own (albeit with Jason “pushing” the trolley, for me.
After we went to Pendine, then Amroth for a warm drink.

Today, I have some “heavy” reading, to do.
The Electroral Commission, has sent me “Guidance for candidates” to help me with my form filling – for my nomination as a Councillor

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sensible Alan?????????????????

Went sailing on Sunday
Fairly breezy, so some times it was a bit scary.

Been to council meetings.

Today (Wednesday)
I recieved my nomination pack, to become a Community Councillor.
This post has been mentioned to me, on numerous occassions, but now I have had some very "HIGH UP" pressure.

Just got to (be sensible) and read the small print, before I take "the BIG step.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Waiting (GMT) ????

ONLY 80 DAYS TO GO, for the return to The Gambia!!

Coleshill, was shut, due to some work, being completed.

Week end, didn’t DO anything exciting.

Went to the Gym, instead.
Went to the Gym on Monday
Going to a meeting, tonight (Tuesday)at the Llanboidy Social Club
Will be attending a County Council, at Spilman Street, Council chambers

Please, don’t forget, the petition to reduce Speed outside Schools

If you haven’t added your name --- WHY NOT??

Friday, March 07, 2008


Forgot !!!

I forgot to say,
We have the confirmation, for our Trip to The Gambia WOOHOO...

Going with Gambia Experience at the end of May- first week in June. To co-inside with the ROOTS Festival
I have also been asked to visit an Eco-Lodge, in Gunjur (South Gambia) to see the accessiblity (as the standard there, is NOT the same as here in Europe)

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Finding Out ????

An interesting few days.
First, I am now a member of Towy Boat Club.

And, Thursday, I attended the Regional Funding Fair in Carmarthen, a very well attended venue, with a lot of “contacts” being made

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Getting back in to life

On Saturday, we went to the NEC Birmingham to visit the Destination and Travel Show. I think it was bigger and busier, than last year.
Sunday, went to the boat club, it was windy, but the tide (eventhough) it was high, it wasn’t very high, so didn’t go sailing.

Monday, I took the train to Swansea.
Attended a meeting of S.A..I.L. (Swansea Association for Inclusive Living) where some concerns where raised.
This was held in the Guide and Scout Headquarters @ Bryn Road.
I stayed for the AGM of Swansea Disability Forum and afterwards attended, their usual meeting, which was very interesting.
Will be attending their next meeting, in May.
I met someone I had met, at a meeting held by the Welsh Assembly, a few months ago, in the Ramada Hotel, Swansea (and member of BBC Ouch).

Wednesday evening, a Towy Boat Club AGM is to be attended. (when I hope to become a member)
Thursday a Regional Funding Fair will be attended, in Carmarthen

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