Sunday, February 14, 2010


Fuzzy, Head and Blind Chatterbox

On Tuesday 9-2-10, I made my way, by train, to Chesterfield, to stay with friend, ready for my appointment at the Ataxia clinic, in Sheffield.

I had a board meeting, in Neath, to attend, with CTA Wales
Rejoined the train at 3.40pm., got to Chesterfield at 20.06.

Wednesday, my appointment, 10.20 am. I got there early, and went straight in, to see Dr Marios H, explained about the MUSCLE Biopsy, and the slot date would be sent out to me (it means an overnight stay in Hospital, as the biopsy, will take place on a Friday am)

While there, caught up with David, (from the Sheffield Ataxia Support group)
And met Lorna, (who we both only on Virtualataxia, CHAT)

On my train home on Thursday, Chesterfield station, lifts were out of order, but the station manager, made arrangements, for the train to arrive at the near platform.

I had a short journey, to Derby, for my next connection, to Cardiff.
Here I was to share the carriage, with a very old blind lady and her guide dog.
The blind lady was very pleasant, I explained I was in a wheelchair, that was why the Dog, had to be moved, out of the passageway.
All the way from Derby to Cardiff, this lady didn’t stop Chatting !!!! and I mean CONTINUOUS, even when I was in the Loo, she would be SHOUTING, a conversation, to me !!!. When I opened my sandwiches, she heard the rustle, of the bag, enquired, what I was doing and so started another topic, of conversation. You can imagine, I didn’t manage to get any sleep, on the journey. Newport she got off, for her connection, to Dorchester and a guest house., for me QUIET.

Didn’t go to “school” (Coleshill Social Centre) on Friday, was very tired, and felt unwell (headache, very fuzzy head, like a hangover, very disinoreientated).

Went to Theatr Mwldan, on Saturday, to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This Friday I am to attend an event in Swansea, Pain Management study day, where I have been invited to participate, in the Q+A session, with the audience.

Don’t forget the boys, out in the Atlantic, Rowing to raise funds for Ataxia UK, visit teir blog (scroll, down the page to see daily entries.

Saturday, February 06, 2010



As most of you, will of seen, my friend Geoff Holt, has finished, his EPIC, sail, across the Atlantic ocean follow his bblog and see the press coverage of the challenge.
Keep the word challenge, in your head....
Another friend, Sarah Outen has announced her next adventure. “Goodbye January, hello World”, I will let you read Sarahs blog, to find out, more...
All the best Sarah.
Friday 22nd, travelled up to London, to attend AUK Trustee meeting
I was a bit early, so took a cab, to the O2
A very spacious, place to visit, with plenty to do.
I managed to get FREE tickets to visit the Micheal Jackson Exhibition, in the O2 bubble
On Sunday, Darran (fellow trustee and good friend) and I “wheeled” along to Kings Cross Station,, from the hotel !! A distance of approx 2.5 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(No wonder I had pains in my shoulders, for a few days—I am no where near as fit as Darran, so Sorry pal, for holding you back)
Monday 25th was on the BBC Wales Today, news at 6.30pm
To speak on the report published by the National Assembly
Thursday 28th Went to Swansea, for a meeting with SAFE disability forum and Arriva Trains Wales and Great Western Trains.
Sunday 31st Ataxia South Wales, held its first meeting of 2010. 12 people attended, a very good meeting, afterwards we went to the BEEFEATER in Pemberton, Llanelli, for a meal and relaxing chat.
During this week, I went to a meeting of a Health, Social Care and Well Being, in Narberth , which ment alot of networking opportunities (Hywel Dda Health Board)
Friday, I was in “School”, Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli. From there I went to another meeting of Carmarthenshire Disability Coalition
Don’t forget Rare Disease Day on 28th February (I have been invited to an evening event at the Welsh Assembly, with AMs, to mark Rare Disease Day)

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