Wednesday, March 26, 2008



65 days to go ……

Good Friday, Jason and I, went to Cardiff, on the train.
Went to the cinema, Cineworld

Saw 3 films (not that good) (Fairly scarey, in places, but a good film) (another, good film-although a bit predictable)

Saturday, we went to Theatre Mwldan
Saw 10,000 BC (not what we were expecting, from the trailers, that have been shown??)
After we went to poppit, for a cup of tea and I took some photos of the rough sea- (IT WAS VERY WINDY), before Jason had to go home.

Sunday, Dawn and I, made a phone call, to Lamin in Gambia. It made him very happy. It was nice to hear his voice !!!!

Yesterday, Tuesday, Picked up Jason, on the way to Tesco in Carmarthen.
It was the first time I have gone shopping, on my own (albeit with Jason “pushing” the trolley, for me.
After we went to Pendine, then Amroth for a warm drink.

Today, I have some “heavy” reading, to do.
The Electroral Commission, has sent me “Guidance for candidates” to help me with my form filling – for my nomination as a Councillor

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