Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Getting back in to life

On Saturday, we went to the NEC Birmingham to visit the Destination and Travel Show. http://www.destinationsshow.com/birmingham-welcome.html I think it was bigger and busier, than last year.
Sunday, went to the boat club, it was windy, but the tide (eventhough) it was high, it wasn’t very high, so didn’t go sailing.

Monday, I took the train to Swansea.
Attended a meeting of S.A..I.L. (Swansea Association for Inclusive Living) where some concerns where raised.
This was held in the Guide and Scout Headquarters @ Bryn Road.
I stayed for the AGM of Swansea Disability Forum and afterwards attended, their usual meeting, which was very interesting.
Will be attending their next meeting, in May.
I met someone I had met, at a meeting held by the Welsh Assembly, a few months ago, in the Ramada Hotel, Swansea (and member of BBC Ouch). http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/F2322273

Wednesday evening, a Towy Boat Club AGM is to be attended. (when I hope to become a member)
Thursday a Regional Funding Fair will be attended, in Carmarthen http://www.regionalfundingfair.co.uk/default.asp

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