Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We meet again

Managed to get some bowls in while the YFC set up the divers (talk) equipment.

The talk was very interesting see

Been out on my trike nearly every day early mornings 7.00 and again in the afternoons.

Saturday, went to cinema saw TRANSFOMERS A fairly exciting film, continuous action all the way through!!

We went for Sunday lunch at Flat Rock
Very nice place and views are MAGNIFICANT.
Travel down there for lunch and we see Mr & Mrs Sullivan, from the village (website team) We have bumped into each other at twice (at various Non village events) LOOKS LIKE we get about , the county, a fair bit !!

I am attending the wedding of Alice Cooke and Tim Spivey in Hereford, this Saturday.
I WISH them both the very best.
See you there.
(sorry, but haven’t managed to source a correct HAT).

WOOHOO SAILING this Sunday (solo)

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