Monday, September 03, 2007


WOOSH (the sound of TIME????)

Time, goes, by, so fast !!!!!!

To summarize

Been out on trike (most days, twice) first time early am and again in the pm.

Speech therpy on 23-8-09

Kayak (a lot) 22-8-07 all day, at Amroth.
Mow lawn (as soon as it needs to, much to passers by ammusment)

Visit a Vintage show 26-8-07

Swimming, gym

Crymych Food and Craft Festival 28-8-07
(A complait about (NO access, has been lodged with Pembs. Council)

A Visit was made to (1-9-07)

Watched "Sunshine" on DVD (twice) A BRILLIANT film

Due to a prior engagement, I couldn’t help Ataxia South Wales, during a fund raising/ awareness event, at Stradey Stadium, Llanelli (pm of 1-9-07) sorry to all !!

Yesterday evening I went to see Andy Kirkpatrick, , in Theatr Mwldan
I went to see, Andy, in his other show,

I have Today, been CONFIRMING, my travel plans, to meet Geoff Holt
Going Tommorrow Tuesday 4-9-07) by train , staying in Bed + Breakfast, (for a day or two) before my return.
I will write about it then, for

In a few days we will see him at Southampton Boat Show

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