Thursday, February 15, 2007


The travel bug..continues.......

Cardiff Big Day Out…..

Tuesday morning, 9.00 am, Catch the (Arriva Trains Wales) train to Cardiff Central Station.

I (this would be the longest, train journey, I have been on) and Jason (nephew,12) (he has only been on a train once, that was only 6 miles !!). It was a very exciting time, for both of us.

At Cardiff, we had to “shout” , to get train staff, to get the ramp, for me to get off the train!!
Unkown to us, a new cinema, is just outside the station, The VUE, Millenium Plazza. But we have already decided to go to the Cineworld, cinema, just up the road.
It is very busy, in the streets of Cardiff, traffic in all directions, you have to keep your wits about you. The main road, we had to use, was very muddy, due to “massive” building work being undertaken, and the redevelopment, of some of the streets.
We got to the cinema, in good time (15 minutes). I didn’t realise it is next to Cardiff International Arrena.

Anyway, the cinema, has 15 screens on 4 floors, connected by lifts and escalators, level 2 is a very large lounge with bar and snacks, ground floor, for tickets and, film, information. Screens on level 2 and 3, with snacks on level 3 (popcorn, drinks, sweets)

And so, for the first film—Arthur and the Invisibles---

We then went to the ground floor, to check the times of the next film
Epic Movie
We had to be fairly quick, to get to see the start of this film (toilet break, snacks)

(rant over)

When we came out, it had started to rain, so we went to see another film – Goal 2
A football based story with other aspects of the players ( I hate football but this was a good film!

By the end of this film it was pouring with rain, so after checking the train times, we went to see another film – Rocky Balboa

After the end of this film, we had a mammoth task, to get to the station (a few minutes).
By this time , there was a few cars parked on the pavements or across “dropped kerbs” so a few manoeuvres in to the (busy) roads was called for, but a lot of help, from passers by, was available when asked for.

We got to the station, too late (from the main door to the platform is a good couple of minutes). The next train was in an hour (10.00 pm), we made phone calls home, to explain, and made our way to the platform. By this time, we only had to wait 25 minutes. ( unknown to me, this was the “LAST” train from Cardiff to Carmarthen, at night !!!!!!!!!!
Photos, of, our trip are on Flickr

We got in to Carmarthen station at 12.04am. Elaine (Jasons mum) picked us up, and took me home.

On the train Jason was studying the timetable, as suggested we go to LONDON on the train, just to go there and come back, I said I would look on the internet, for information, about it, and we can go (after his operation) in the late summer or next year. It is a long journey, so it might be worth staying over night, in a hotel, so we will have time to see a few things.

But for now, we are both “GROUNDED” and not allowed to go any where, for a while.

Only thing, for me, its only 14 days until I go to Fueringola, Costa del Sol !!!!!!!!!

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