Monday, February 05, 2007


24hrs in a DAY, is NOT Enough !!

Friday, visit Coleshill. Didn’t study my computer course, couldn’t concentrate, too much on my mind!!.

Saturday, Went to Neyland (Volkswagon) dealer, to order our next car, a TOURAN 1.6 in Shadow Blue. Return home via TESCO Haverfordwest. As it was a nice, dry, afternoon, I took “Stormie” out for a spin, to take some film clips, to upload to you tube, later today ( Monday pm).@ DONT FORGET TO KEEP LOOKING FOR UPDATED CLIPS

Sunday, A Full day.
Went to look around Carmarthen, car boot sale, in the Showground. It was “a bit cold” but OK in the sun, A lot more there than when we went a few months ago. Then in to town to have a look in the few shops that were “open”. Nothing to interest us in T K MAXX, down to “The Works” (bookshop and crafts) got a few (cheap) books (to rea in the future (research my big secret). Over to the train station, to get a time table, of the trains to and from Cardiff. Hoping to take Jason (nephew) during half-term.
Take a stroll over the new footbridge, quite an impressive piece of work, even though a bit “scary” (on my nerves).
Visit Jason, on the way to Cardigan, and over to St. Dogmaels, to take some more film clips, to up load (Poppit, new, jetty). Then over to the cinema to see The Queen, starring Helen Mirren. The auditorium was fairly full, but all the way through, every body was “silent”, you could hear “a pin drop” (so to speak). A good film, no wonder it won Helen Those awards, her facial expressions are spectacular!!.

Bought tickets for a “LIVE” performance, tonight, PSYCHOVERTICAL-tall tales from the edge by Andy Kirkpatrick. I heard it recommended on Radio 2 and on the TV, Tag lines are--- “Makes Ray Mears look like Paris Hilton” “Pant-Wetting stuff” and “ Killer stand-up-routine- an intoxicating mix of side-splitting humour and bum-clenching fear” see more @ tell you how it goes, later in the week.

Just spoke to the council, about the grant work that’s to be redone, apparently, the file is very complicated and will take some sorting out ( I think some cover- ups, have been discovered ???). When this officer came to visit (with the builder from the village, who we wanted in the first place) and they could see that the work done is very sub-standard and will have to be redone properly and a mention of us having to move out while this work is redone. The new bathroom wet floor, rubber membrane will have to be dug up to renew the drains!!!, new flat roof again, renew all underground drains and install new sewage system (as stated on the plans!)

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