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Last night (Monday) I went to Theatr Mwldan @ . To see Andy Kirkpatrick PSYCHOVERTICAL—tall tales from the edge (stage show) @ http://www.psychovertical.com/
A very amusing, interesting, thought provoking, night out. Its about rock climbing and his experiences.

Andy came over to me, before the show, to explain that, in his show, he does a lot of talk about, Karen Darke, http://www.karendarke.com (a Paraplegic, on an expedition, with him, across Greenland) that might offend any person, in a wheelchair. I told him “to carry on, and NOT to worry” (the things he said were just “normal observations, that we all think about, but his interpretation, was very, very funny.
I also explained, that, my wheelchair (LOAMIE) was infact, bought from KAREN DARKE (in MINT condition, showroom condition), last year, a SMALL WORLD !!!!

I first heard a mention, of this show (3 and half hour), on RADIO 2, and then in a news email from Theatr Mwldan. It’s a short UK tour, but worth going to see. Mwldan, was “packed to capacity”. The next stop is in GWYNEDD.

I have put a, couple of posts, on the BBC Ouch forum http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/F2322273
Go and have a look.

i have no idea where i put my last post so here it is again
can you email me on aardvark662 @hotmail .com please?
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