Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Looks like I will have to "CURB" my "things to do", Havent got time to fit things in (copy/paste is my friend For alot of time saving!)

Got another course work book, to study more on the Presentation module (of the computer class) the exam is this Friday (March 2nd)

Saturday and Sunday was spent doing various "normal" things ended up in Cardigan, Carmarthen and Swansea then returned to Coleshill, Llanelli for a Ataxia South Wales meeting ( attendance was a bit dissappointing, but with Spring on its way I hope to see more attend!)
Alot was diccussed, suggestions of things to happen/do over the following year.

Plus I announced that I would be WRITEING a book (WHEELY Positive) (no going back, now) and gave out some permission forms (so I can use personal names or photos with the involved consent) Got loads of people and places to contact (some have already gone "in the pipeline")
So YOU might get a mention in the book, if so I will be contacting you, with consent, first!!!.

Already been to the cinema ,this week saw dreamgirls http://www.dreamgirlsmovie.com/ a so so film not what I was exspecting. next film I want to see is BORAT, I have to see it this week, as it is only showing in Cardigan, for this week,
We are busy packing for our holiday (next week)

I have been sent an email asking me to meet the owners of a website I contribute to, as they asked me to review places in and around Carmarthen ( they have made a list of places for me to go!!)

EXCITING times to come (More travel ideas to concentrate on) and this weekend will be very "eye opening" (for me).
will try and post before the departure but if
NOT, see you soon

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