Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sort of Doing not much !!

For the remainder, of the week, I took it easy (physically (or sort of, staying at home), researching a few things.

Friday, was MY day at Coleshill, Speech therapist, had cancelled the appointment, for today, so was able to remain in the computer class. The tutor announced, that the (Powerpoint) exam WILL take place in 2 weeks! ( I WILL HAVE TO DO ALL THE COURSE WORK, from the start, BEFORE FRIDAY, as I know there is an additional part to the course work, we have yet to be studied!!!!!).

The afternoon of Saturday, was spent in Theatr Mwldan, http://www.mwldan.co.uk/ seeing 2 films
“Happy Feet” (we got the start times mixed up, so missed the first half hour!!, but an enjoyable film)

“Night at the Museum” (the comedy in this was a bit predictable and (I thought a bit “not that funny”)

Monday, I went to Coleshill, to a clients meeting, (the last one I missed, so I wanted to attend this one, so I will know what’s “going on”).
While there a friend and I discussed, the 2 of us going to the Mobility Raodshow, in Kemble, Swindon. (19,20,21st July 2007). In the afternoon, small groups of clients, filled in a quiz questionnaire (results announced TODAY, Tueday, But I wont know until Friday.

On a separate note, I have taken the first steps into starting in to the MASSIVE task, of getting the information (and permissions) to start writing my book “Wheely Positive” (the title so far,)

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