Friday, May 09, 2008


Excitment--MASSIVE PAIN--reactions

Bank Holiday Monday- I picked up Jason, on the way to Carmarthen Boat Show ,A very pleasant, afternoon, met some friends, and members of Towy Boat Club, Josie and Paul from White water consultancy
Plus, I, arranged a “Test Demo” of a Windrider trimaran, with this is to happen at Dale Sailing

In the evening, I, went to Towy Boat Club, and went out on “WISP” sailing, During my sail, I managed to damage the TENDONS, in my left wrist, massive “CRACKING” sound accompanied, by, a MASSIVE “Electric” shock, and pain !!!! (using the lowering ropes of the tiller)
Later on my wrist was swollen and bruised.
Tuesday, it was even more swollen, and my, fingers had gone a GREY colour !!! A trip to the doctors was due !!! then a trip to A&E, to have it X-rayed, As it might have been broken.
Result = massive TENDON damage, left with a support bandage and told to rest it. (ME—NO).

I went to Coleshill, on Wednesday (yes WEDNESDAY) went to a meeting of Carmarthen Disability Coalition, in Llanelli.

Thursday, day of computery stuff.
Friday, went to Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli, as usual, no computer class, but was helping out with, other clients computer problems.
The Coleshill web designer has made the website “live” today

While I was there, a “press” photographer, came to take a few photos, of me and the staff, as the local press are making an article up, after they discovered my Digital Story.

Poor man (photographer) he was told I was in a “wheelchair”. He asked for Alan Thomas, I heard him ask, so I said “it was me”, he was looking for- His face was a picture!! As I don’t need to use a wheelchair, in Coleshill, as its all one level and very flat, so just need the use of a walking stick. The staff, had to confirm, that it was ME, he was looking for!!!.
Don’t worry, as this happens A LOT, (and I mean A LOT) Plus it is a HILLARIOUS, moment !!! (for me)
He took some photos of me with staff and clients, my Digital Story certificate, and me by the Coleshill sign (in a wheelchair)

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