Thursday, May 22, 2008


AWARDS Gambia soon!!! WOOHOO

A “slow” sail, on Sunday afternoon.
At home the wind was fairly strong, but 17 miles away at Towy Boat Club, it was a different climate – NO WIND (to speak of!!) unless we made it out towards Ferryside (nearer the mouth of the estruary).

A very busy day, was had on Monday.

Doctors appointment (to check the progress, on my wrist) its doing fine, so I can continue “living to the full (as if I STOPPED!!!)

Travel up to Letterston, for a meeting of PRTA
When I arrived, I was put to use (as a wheelchair user) taking part in the Emergency Evacuation Procedure for Minibuses. As I said before, I have done this, on a previous occasion, so I “knew” what to do.

Then return home to Llanboidy, change and wash, and we were off to Selwyn Samuel Centre, Llanelli
To accept an AWARD.
The computer class from Coleshill
Has won an AWARD for their IT work.
The AWARD was presented by Stephen Morgan, from the BBC.
We all had a “scroll” of the award plus a Framed certificate, that will be on display, in Coleshill.
The photos will be in the newspapers, ASAP
(I felt a bit “underdressed” it was an occasion, I should of taken to wear my suit and bow tie).

Two days, I travelled to Coleshill, to rest (sort of!!)

Last night (Wednesday 21-5-08), went to Towy Boat Club to give my support to the “try a TOPPER” a Junior taster session, which will encourage youngsters on to the water (in a SAFE environment).

Today, I have to revise for my DATABASE exam, which is tomorrow !!!!!

6 days until we fly to Gambia WOOHOO WOOHOO

While I will be away – Llanboidy Sports and Social Club will have on 7th June- A PIG roast 7 pm with LIVE music at 9 pm

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