Monday, May 05, 2008


HO HUM !!!

Lots, has happened, over the last week, or so.

LAUNCHING SUPPER at Towy Boat Club (26-4-08) very good, and successful, event. LIVE music by a band called “Driftwood”.
Sailing, for me on Sunday, a very good sail.

Speech Therapy, 28-4-08, went well.

Meeting at “Phenonix” Tavarn, Gorslas, for ATAXIA South Wales. (30-4-08), a good turn out and with new members attending.

Thursday, was ELECTION Day.
I have to report, that, I didn’t get in, results at

I only got 93 votes !!
The rest raised 140 up to 180.
But the way I see it, I came in to the proceedings fairly late in the race, (only a few weeks to go) and got 93, as opposed to the others, who had a FULL term.

Went to Cardiff University on Saturday 3rd May.
They are researching, the input, from the public, to the BBC. (Digital Stories, and the like

Today (Monday 5-5-08) going to Carmarthen, to see the Boat Show, in the showground.

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