Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter Holiday ?? for some !!

We have got some builders, to demolish, the old porch and build a NEW one.

Booked train tickets to NAIDEX
also accomodation, for the night.

over the Easter holiday, I have been swimming a fair few times, met some old friends, while there. (the GYM/POOL seems to be a good NETWORKING place !!).

Swimming is very good excercise, I will continue going to the GYM, as this will aid my
PHYSIOTHERAPY, thus keeping me mobile. ( I will have to loom, into the funding issues, as I see it, I am doing this myself, as the NHS Physiotherapy, is non-exsistant ??)

I have managed to set up my laptop, wirelessly, (BT Broad Band). The video conferencing is excellent.
This is a very good way, of comunicating, with friends and even keeping my voice excercised, at the same time (SPEECH THERAPY) as suggested by one good freind).

I have also been compiling, (and editting) a very important word document, with the help of a good friend, which will be issued, publicly, in due course.

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