Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Back Home In the UK, its COLD

What a GREAT holiday,

Confortel (hotel) in Fuengirola was fantastic. 4-star, 180 rooms on 15 floors, excellent access for wheelchairs.

Fuengirola itself is very flat (for miles) (must be have good acess, as there are quite a few wheelchair users in the resort)
Plenty of Cafes, bars, resturants, shops all along the front and nearby streets.
transport is very good bus service every few minutes, taxi`s every where, 2 train stations (1 accessible the other not!!)

We visited the Zoo (in the town) very accessible (no steps) no caged animals (all behind thick glass) you can get up very close to them. A very big place 4 hours to go around.

Trip to Gibraltar (by coach) a good day trip (but not some to visit too often) plenty of all the tourist places, (the Cable Car, up to the ROCK, was closed due to the wind.

Fuengirola has a marina too explore, where boat trips can be booked. Plenty of fresh fish cafe`s (to spend time at)

the beaches have path`s for wheelchairs to go down to the loungers (some of these are where you can get drinks and meals brought to you by a waiter, while you sunbath)

I will submit detailed reviews here over the next few days, and at http://www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk/
(notice Board) or about us
videos at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=alanroygbiv
photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanroygbiv/
This might take a few days to complete.

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