Monday, March 19, 2007


Hectic-busy (call it what you will)

Last week, was very, very busy.

Sorting out, and Submitting, (many) travel reviews at DHI

Investigating some Carmarthenshire, attractions to visit and places to stay, (and review) for DHI . This will take place over the year.

Research of my book has had to take a back seat, for the time being, I will (hopefully) have more time over the winter months.

Ataxia South Wales, has a curry evening, next Monday in Llanelli. To raise awareness and funds, we are planning many more events during 2007

I had my invitation to Alice and Tim`s wedding, (friends I have made via Virtual Ataxia) happening in October in Hereford (Alice and I were “pioneers” as we were the first members of VA, chat. Congratulations

This week, I hope everything, will get back to normal(ish).
We had a bit of snow, yesterday, (it has gone now) but it is blowing a GALE, very, very COLD.

Also, Jason (nephew, 12) has been in Morriston hospital, having a massive operation, to remove a very large growth from his cheek.
He has Neurofibramatosis, Diagnosed at birth
(the growth was intertwined with the nerves and very painful. The operation was expected to take 3 hours, but took over 7 hours, he was in the High Dependancy ward overnight. He has about 20-22 stitches running down his left cheek from his temple to underneath his jaw, inline with his ear. Any scaring will be virtually impossible to see, and facial muscles seem intact ( my worry was for muscles to his eye or mouth to suffer damage)

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