Monday, May 07, 2007



Its, been, a busy time!! When it is SO nice, outside, I DO NOT want to be inside, in front of the computer !! (that`s what, the very old Laptop, is for, (but the wireless, connection, has been put on “the back burner” for the time being, any way I am TOO busy too set it up!!

Since, the last entry,

Been, to the Dentist,
Been, to the village, to get the paper, (on my power chair) numerous times!!
Met lots of locals, to speak to!!
Been, out on my tricycle, every day, up to 5 or 6 miles per day.

And trying to plan, a trip to the Motability Roadshow, Getting there, by train, and meeting up with a friend, from Coleshill.
I even, attempted (and completed) to mow the lawn, the mower, is SELF PROPELLED, and does go a bit fast, so the site of me doing this is “very odd, looking”????

Ataxia South Wales, held a meeting, in Coleshill, Llanelli. Some “new faces” were there.
General discussions, and a “natter”, took place.

I have arranged to attend some events, view, some, MORE, (holiday) accommodation, for my research. I have viewed 2, and need too write up my reports.

Had another, certificate, for my computer studies. One event, to attend, is the WEA Centenary Learning Family Event , in Rhondda Heritage Park, RCT, on 19th May. (Launched by Roy Noble, from Radio Wales).

Went to “Carmarthen Boat Show” made a lot of “contacts”
Dawn, is going to buy a Kayak/Canoe, (Dragonfly) to use on local lakes / rivers /around, the local coast. We inquired about WHITE WATER RAFTING, for us (and a friend), ANOTHER “ CHALLENGE”

I was also, “accosted” by Towy Boat Club, and asked my contact details. And to attend their club house, at the end of the month.

My Diary is fairly full, for the future, arranging transport to these places, is NOT easy, as I have to rely, on family to ferry me about (some thing I am not “Happy” with, but living in such a country location, has transport issue`s. (NO buses, No taxis, train station is not that close)

Hopefully, a visit, to a county council meeting, in County Hall, on Wednesday, will take place, just to see “how things work” (and meet people) (same as I went to, last month).

And next Sunday, hoping, to go to Margam Park, to watch, our neighbour (Candy) compete in a horse “endurance trial”

By the way, I have bought, another, Wheelchair, an RGK lightweight, for using abroad, as “LOAMIE”, is TOO good, to take, out of its “comfort zone”

And we have been very “environmentally green” we have been to the recycling centre, in Whitland, twice, and need to go again.

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