Tuesday, May 29, 2007



All this, computer work, is showing it self, on my trouser waistband!!!!!.
Plus the garden, is showing, some sort of neglect.

I have, a lot to think about, some things to “investigate” some to “arrange” (some things to “ponder”)
Re-Start driving (I can drive, but haven’t for a year or two)
Take swimming lessons (I can swim, but haven’t been for thirty years!! It will help with my Co-ordination (ATAXIA) and it will be usefull in my water activities !!

Where to go Canoeing / Kayaking (for beginners, lakes, quiet rivers)

Sailing (via instructor, Towy Boat Club)
Looking for “wet-suit” and “Life Jacket” “Neoprene shoes (So I can, at least, “look the part”
(have been to a few “outdoor pursuit” shops, there is so much stuff, to decide, on

Planning, Transport/routes for
Visiting the Motability Roadshow, http://www.mobilityroadshow.co.uk/Eng2007Press/WhatIsIt.asp Cirencester (hopeing to travel down by train and meet up with a friend from Coleshill)

Meeting Geoff Holt http://www.personaleverest.com/ in Fishgaurd Harbour and then in
Hamble, Southhampton. (I had an email from Geoff`s brother, to send his BEST), When he completes, his round GB trip.
At first glance, at the timetables, it looks like Cardiff-Newport-Bristol, Swindon, (then Kemble) Southampton, Hamble. Changes in between (connection “waits”)

Holidays, now and future (South African Expedition). (not a “package Holiday” a overland adventure, Dragoman, Epic-Travel, expedition)

Today,Tuesday, I have had phone calls from Crymych Leisure Centre, to tell me about the amenities there, and to have 1 to 1 tuition, starting next week, and then see if I need more tution or join the regular class ?????

And call from a Physiotherapist, who is coming to visit me, at home, as they have had a “referral” from a physiotherapist via Colshill.

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