Wednesday, May 16, 2007



More, for us to think about, (me to “stress” about, the complications!!)

I, think, the “Aqua or taking to the water” craze, has started to take hold of us !!

Dawn, has bought a inflatable KAYAK/CANOE “Dragonfly” (waiting for it to arrive)
We had to, rush to a shop, last night, for Dawn to buy a wet-suit.

We are hoping to go “white water rafting” later in the year.

I have made contact, with TOWY BOAT CLUB. (have been told by the club, that the website, had been “HACKED” and some aspects are not fully working!!) To visit, and see whats available. And maybe become a member ??

I saw this item on BBC Breakfast TV, the other morning. Going to keep track, by his website and, go to see his arrival in Fishgaurd.

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