Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Days OUT------

SPIDERMAN 3, was, seen on Wednesday (evening), took Jason, as it was one of the last showings, the viewing was only seen by 5 people !! (an unusual sight, in Theatr Mwldan).
Andy Kirkpatrick will be in Theatr Mwldan, later in the year, I went to his show, in February, “PSYCHOVERTICTAL-Tall Tales from the Edge”, so this is a must see.

On Friday, I went to Coleshill (as per usual). Newer computers are in the process of being delivered !!!
The Coleshill Fete, was CANCELLED.

As you know, I went to “The Rhondda Heritage Park”, Rhondda Cynon Taf. It was the launch of the WEA, Adult Learners Week (Launched by Radio Wales`s Roy Noble).

My (computer) certificates, were on display, as was my Digital Story. I spoke to BBC Capture Wales, to clarify, the “legal” position, on this, and to pass on their “congratulations” on my achievement.

I was told that, a nomination (for me) “might” be forth coming, for 2008.

While we were there, we went on a guided tour, including a “under ground tour”. A good place to visit, (and a fairly BUSY attraction) It has its own website
Plus I will write about it in detail on

On the journey home, we stopped in McArthur Glen, Shopping Outlet, Bridgend, for some shopping and for some food.

A first, visit, to Towy Boat Club, was Sunday morning. To see, the facilities, and what is on offer, for disabled sailors. A small “Tri-maran” (single seat) sailing yacht is used for this purpose, with a experienced trainer. The same Tri-maran is used by Geoff Holt, on his “round GB expedition”

The afternoon, was used up, going around the coastal beaches, of Newport (Pembs.) to Fishgaurd, to see the access, possibilities.
As Geoff will be coming, into Fishgaurd, on his “Trip”, I WILL (HOPEFULLY) be going to.
The Train goes to Fishgaurd Harbour, so a (short 1 mile) Taxi trip to the slipway (Goodwick), will be the transport.

My RGK (wheelchair) arrived, by parcel, on Monday. A good “wash and polish” previous owner must have had pets, been a smoker, had an open fire (for heating) it STANK of fire and smoke.

The weather is a bit, cloudy (and the breeze, is a bit “chilly”) so my TRICYCLE has been “rested” for a day or two.

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