Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Cinema - SNOW SNOW SNOW and rowing the Indian Ocean (not me!)

Been to the Gym
Been out on my tricycle
Been chasing up emails and Chatting on MSN.

Managed to visit the cinema in Cardigan a few times
Seen Bunch of Amateurs
The Secret Life of Bees

Booked train tickets to Cardiff http://new.wales.gov.uk/psmwsubsite/psmw/expo09/?lang=en

But, looks like I wont be going – SNOW
Photos of the SNOW can be seen at http://www.livingwithataxia.org/

Today we had a fair bit of SNOW, travel is impossible – roads closed, train network in chaos ???

(Odd how this country, comes to a standstill, when others seem to cope with snow, every day???)

A good friend of mine, is starting a gruelling challenge, Rowing Across the Indian Ocean
Have a look at her website http://www.sarahouten.co.uk/ and follow her progress, on the voyage.

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