Tuesday, March 10, 2009


More Travel Investigations and Memory Upgrades

Between showers, of heavy rain and wind.
I have managed to go out on my trike.

When inside, and on the computer, I have been investigating travel as I am going to Sheffield, next week, to meet some new friends http://www.meadowhall.co.uk/website/default.aspx?currentSectionId=ddad714f-db41-4e8b-81a4-204d5222fe70 (as well as looking at some of Sheffields attractions, with the co-operation of Dave and Glenys of Chesterfield).

On Sunday, a trip to the travel agent, to book a trip to Salou, in South of Spain, this is for May. http://www.realholidayreports.com/hotel_list/Club_Dorada_Palace_Salou.html
Trying to plan a trip to Barcelona, wile we are there, this I am hoping will involve a train journey on the very good Spanish train system http://www.renfe.es/index.html

Plus we looked into a trip during October, where?, is the next dilemma !!!
Tenerife or Lanzarote seem to be the “HOT” favourites.

Also upgraded the RAM, in my computer, a very simple task, to increase the speed, of the PC. Mind you with “shaky” hands it was a “high concentration” TASK.

Don’t forget, COMIC RELIEF, on Friday
Have a look at

Monday 9-3-09, we had SWALEC, come an install a new electric meter, as we needed to change to one of these newer “Key Credit” meters, before we bought card tokens at the local post office, but the cards are not available, since the restructuring of the POST OFFICE.

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