Friday, June 30, 2006


Woohoo its Friday

Friday--signals, a weekend of my partner having ME say to her "I WANT TO GO THERE HERE AND EVERYWHERE" , in my "wheelie"


I want to go all places and to see how they are, really accessible, and if not up to scatch tell the people in charge............

Today I went to the Social Centre (School, as we call it) my CLAIT exam (spreadsheets has got one "minor" correcction (which can be done next week)
I wasnt too bothered about doing it today as it was nearly the end of the lesson.
I have just lost out on a couple of active manual wheelchairs (on ebay) I have a main (LOMAX 2active, in Silver) but want one to act as a second chair I can use abroad and for general outdoors "hard work) the LOMAX is too "nice" for that sort of thing. Alan

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