Saturday, December 12, 2009


follow the yellow brick road

After, my visit to Southampton, I have been, at home resting, well typing on my laptop (isn’t that resting ?).

Friday 27th November, caught the train to London Paddington, to attend my Ataxia UK Trustee Induction,(Plus my first trustee board meting, with AUK) Great to meet up with old friends and meet some new people. While I was at the meeting, Dawn went shopping along Kensington and to HARRODS (she bought some RED “Wizard of Oz” shoes).
In the evening we attended the “Razzle Dazzle” ball, for AUK, at Royal Chelsea Hospital Gardens. A FANTASTIC event, with plenty great memories.
See photos at Flickr
Nothing much to report o for a few days.
Saturday 5-12-09, Jason (nephew) and I went to Cardiff, ready for Ataxia South Wales Christmas Dinner. We met Tim and Alice (from Hereford) who were coming to the dinner ( and staying overnight, as we were all going bowling, on Sunday.
Our dinner was a great event, we managed to gain a few new members,
The venue seemed to be acceptable, to everyone Toby Carvery
And Inn keepers Lodge
Plus it was good value, all round (meal = £9.95, overnight room £30).
Sunday, some of us met up the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay
Where we visited the Dr Who Exhibition, before having lunch at a Chinese restaurant , then going bowling.
All FANTASTIC fun, soon to be replicated. More detail will be Published in the winter edition of the ASW newsletter.
Have I said Dawn and I are going to Kenya, for a holiday, and visiting a charity project in Kajiado (between Mombasa and Nairobi) WOO HOO WOO HOO
Me looking forward to that and perhaps go on the FAMOUS “Lunatic Express” , the railway, that runs between the two cities. (a 13+ overnight Journey !!).
I will upload photos to Flickr
Yesterday Friday 11th, I scored 83 out of 100, in a mock exam, my first of my ECDL computer course, at Coleshill Social centre.
Dont forget to browse Ataxia UK and view the latest newletter.

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