Monday, July 03, 2006




Getting Busier by the Day !!!
On Sunday I went to the Sunday market in Withybush, Haverfordwest.
After we went around the market, we went up to see the RADIO WALES ROADSHOW , that was taking place.
It was very busy, people everywhere.
The show had many stands from bbc Wales, a stand from Doctor Who and an Outside Broadcast ,of live radio shows.
My nephew (11) had great fun having a go at reading the news and weather.
We met many "Famous Welsh people" from Radio , Weatherman Derek Brockway, the cast of Pobl-y-Cwm, got loads of autographs, postcards, posters etc.

A wonderful day out.

Plus I have sent an appilcation to "Digital Storytelling Workshop" via BBC Cymru Wales, Let you know how it goes. For now look at

My compliant agaist Mcdonalds was in the paper , but in the town edition, not out in my area (maybe nextweek) but you can here a PEEP here

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