Tuesday, July 04, 2006



Calm after the storm?

I had a meeting ,at home,of the Grant officer, local Councilor, arcitect. As I had a Disability Grant (around 2-3 years ago) it has not been completed and the flat roof (part of the grant) was hugly defective after just 2 weeks. read my post on it here= http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/F2322273?thread=1039385

now it seems, after alot of stress, we WILL get a complete new roof, (ASAP) notice will be given to the builder about unfinished work (who by the way rang me with loads of abuse when he heard my complaints)

As a separate thing (which was to be included) such as a survey ,on the drainage and sewage system, THIS WAS NOT DONE, but the architect told the grant officer that it was done.

Now it turns out this will have to be a totally separate issue,and finance MAYBE allocated ???????????
the archtect and builder Does NOT want anything to do with me or the grants department, AS I SAID, GOOD (as I dont want thise builders back!!)

Now I am Left to sort out the details of having the sewage surveyed and corrected. (the grant officer said it could be up to £5000)
I am having to pump out the dirty water every few days so the sewage dosent return up the (in floor) drain, in the shower/ toilet room !!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the afternoon, I had a visit from a ATAXIA reaserch doctor. he asked loads of questions took some blood , examined me , he told me "that to someone without prior knowledge"" I look normal, except the odd symptom" He thought it might be due to my taking a new drug-- AZ ILECT / rasagiline which I started taking around christmas, it is to help my "Tremors". Eventhough I have started to use a wheelchair (Light,active,manual)(LOMAX 2Active-- LOAMIE) I am alot more active than say 12 months ago, and doing alot more "POSITIVE" things.

Tomorrow I have an appiontment to see the Neurologist in the hospital, for my 3 monthly check up .

Very hot , here in West Wales, thunder and lighting, very black clouds in the evening.

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