Thursday, July 06, 2006



Going to the Social Centre (school). Got to redo and print out (A4) one (small) part of my spreadsheet module of the New CLAIT computer course, will only take a few minutes!! The next item we are going to cover is Presentations (using MS Powerpoint), Pity this wasnt done earlier, so I would have more idea when doing the Digital Story for BBC Wales , Cant wait for this to start-- and I get a video and CD-ROM of my efforts ----

Apparently, my issue with access at Mcdonalds
is the talk of the local comunity council meeting ??.

I have had an email (from a local entertianment hall) to give me a list of forthcoming events. One night in August "Hayseed Dixie" are playing. I think they are very good with their versions of AC/DC songs.

My partner is out in the garden cutting up some branches, from a tree That was going to fall over. We need to clear the lawn, as the gardener (boy from the farm down the road!) wants to mow the lawn ( he does it every week)

wether is going down hill very cloudy/ misty

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