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This Saturday, Hopefully, will be a bit quieter, just go to TESCO, Haverfordwest, food shopping. Yes, DID go, took my nephew with us) (We do use their on-line shopping service, it very easy, and the deliveries have all been a few minutes early, but I DO miss going to the store!!!!)

For a change, We went into Morrisons , for lunch (never again!!) the CAFÉ has a lot of redesigning and they haven’t thought about wheelchair users. The food wasn’t up to much either.

This is the email sent (Monday, Just great, they haven’t got any email details !!!)
On 5th August I went to the Haverfordwest Shop for lunch.

As a wheelchair user I was Appalled at the layout of the Café.
While my partner was in the queue for the hot food and pay desk, I went to get the cutlery, and serviettes.
Where I found these items where NOT easily accessible, the rail to place a tray onto prevents a wheelchair user from getting close enough to reach any items.

The writing on the MILK cartons is very small, so visually impaired persons would have difficulty identifying them.

The aisles, between the tables and chairs, is very narrow, I had to disturb other customers to allow me to pass.

The tables and chairs (which were dirty), are of a fixed design, so NO allowance has been made for a wheelchair user to dine in any sort of comfort. Plus (all) the tables allow a considerable amount of “bounce” to them when any small amount of pressure is exerted on them, ie: when cutting food.

Outside the Café was a small area where diners could sit in the sun, but the doors to this area was via fire doors, that were not to be used, therefore this area was out of bounds to people.

The operating staff seemed to be very unorganised, going from table to table asking customers what they had ordered, while any food they had was getting cold. Orders of meals where arriving at customers about 10-15 minutes after ordering, of which was very poor and greasy quality.

Alan Thomas
SA34 0SA

01994 448397

But there again my nephew might remember that the “ANT BULLY” is showing in the cinema (Theatre Mwldan) (He DID remember, but we went on Sunday afternoon !)

On Sunday morning, I went to a vintage show outside Cardigan, “ADRAN DYFFRYN TEIFI” at Penparc.
Very enjoyable, quite a crowd visiting.
When I was in the shower, afterwards, I realised, how much soot and dust I had collected!!!. We were there in brilliant sunshine, just as we were leaving it went cloudy and turned to rain !!. The show field was a bit rough on the wheelchair, but fields ARE NOT DESIGNED to be used by wheelchairs, they had plenty of “portaloos” for everybody ( although the “wheelie” one was situated on some very rough and sloping ground)

Went to Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli, on Friday, my weekly bus ride !! NO computer lesson as the tutor is on Summer holiday. Next term we start a new module to CLAIT covering PowerPoint (presentations). I have done Word and Excel, and passed the exams with “flying colours”.
We are setting up a computer suite with the help of Leonard Cheshire
Via their Swansea Vale branch. Then it will be a lot easier to study the e-mail and web-design modules.

Looking at Holiday Brochures, at somewhere for next January. Last year we went to CostaTequise, Lanzarote. I think we were lucky to have such a nice resort, first time around. It takes a lot of searching the internet for reviews of hotels/resorts, mainly with- and- to make sure it going to be OK (for a Wheelie) I can manage small, single steps (if I HAVE to) but a slope is preferable. I am NOT a beach person, but somewhere hotter than the UK in winter!!

Sorry for all the day/mix up, copy and pasteing

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