Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Friday, went to Coleshill Social Centre.

Saturday, went to TESCO, Haverfordwest , shopping, in "LOAMIE" (active manual chair) it was very busy, like a day just before Christmas?

Sunday, went to Orllwyn Teifi Vintage show

Were here from 10.am to 5.0pm saw alot of interesting things. Jason (nephew, 11) was with us, he had a very good time, on the "old style" attractions
Went around the stalls looking at peoples JUNK they are trying to sell. Got a BED RAISER RAIL ( to hold onto when getting out of bed) for £2.50 in new condition, in the mobility shops they go for upto £90 !!!!!!!!

The battery on "STORMIE" (my other outdoors powerchair) held up very good , full charge is 10 lights after this adventure it showed 7 lights

Monday (Bank Holiday) I went to see my partner at
the chocolate farm http://www.welshchocolatefarm.com/
where she works (about 6 miles, round trip) the road was fairly busy,because of the holiday !!!

Alot of the farmers have cut grass, for silage, and they are busy harvesting it, as the forecast is for rain tonight

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