Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Last Sunday went to the cinema to see “Monster House” not a bad film for youngsters (and ME)

My Digital Story is going on TV

Digital Story


Alan Thomas

(From Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire)

To be Screened on

BBC 2W @ 9.55pm

Tuesday 26th September

I had a phone call from the BBC Capture Wales, team on Friday.
Now I am trying to tell as many people as I can about this event!!!.

ATAXIA UK (hopefully) will get a copyright agreement (with BBC) to use my Story at their annual conference (November 11th).

Yesterday (Sunday) I went out on “Stormy” (electric wheelchair)down to the junction to the village, 2 miile round trip, (before 7.30 am) as I am taking a lot of photos of clouds to use as backgrounds, when I get my Website up and running. (Don’t want the “boring standard” plain backgrounds!!), when I came back my nephew wanted to come with me on His bike, SO OFF I GO AGAIN all before 9.00am.

On return we got ready for a “SPIN” in the car, We went to the “Health and Wellbeing” show @ Carmarthen Showground, it was very good as we didn’t leave until 4.30pm.

I met a lot of people who I haven’t seen since my schooldays (1983) some where just there for the day, but some had “stalls” (showing “how much they have done since leaving school or not having ME around, LOLOLOL)

Plenty of stands promoting a healthy lifestyle, with all the catering and refreshments being organic (with variations for every dietary need). Outside there was games and amusements for the children. My nephew had a couple of goes at the archery demonstration (as well as everything else). Inside, the building, I had my Blood pressure and blood sugar checked, then I went on to have a “neck and shoulder” massage, from a very local person who comes to your house (at your convenience) very good and relaxing, so good I might have them come to the house !!!!!!!!!!

Today, I have been out doing a bit of gardening (just cutting everything, down to ground level!!!) and writing this!!

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